Jack Wilshere


Fuck off Sampdoria, you can’t have him.

That price is fucking lol.


I do usually go to Genua so it would be nice to have Jack there.


I think £10-20M is about right here, considering his health and how it’s hindered his career thus far.

Wages + being considered a name on the team sheet when he may well not even play to his potential are reason enough to cash in and either promote a youth player (Willock/Jeff) or buy.


9m is grand to be honest.


Time to sell I think :confused: It’s been over for a while now.


Haha remember what I said @Robin_L? I guess Sampdoria are a bit bigger than Sassuolo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Would be a good move for Jack. It’s something more English players should do.


He must be worth at least 20m, he was one of Bournemouth’s best players, also he’s not that old and is still a good player.
I know he has had injury problems but last season he was fit for most of it.
I don’t mind selling Wilshere if it means we are going to open up a position for a better player coming in, but at least get good money for him.


Anything short of £30m and it’s a no. Even then that price is due to injuries, not talent.


He’s got a year left on his contract and hasn’t managed to stay fit for virtually his entire career. As much as I tried to argue he was worth 30M. Really and truly, he’s probably only worth 20M to an English club and significantly less to the obviously less financially powerful foreign clubs like Sampdoria.


He’s also not a very glamorous signing so I don’t see any club valuing him at more than £20m - I think we’d even be lucky to get that tbh. I can’t see anyone going all out to sign him either, we’ll have to practically give him away.


Granted, but contrast him as a squad player with that £20m, I think there is better value in retaining him.

Total guess work because as you mention he is a fragile human.


If Siggy can go for 50…


Even if he was really, really good (which he isn’t at all), he is too fucking injury prone. Time to say goodbye and get rid of him.


And it’s the area of the squad that could really use some culling.

I’d take 10m for him in an instant.


Dreaming mate.

For a player with a horrendous injury record and one year left on his contract, we should accept anything that is offered. Talent doesnt come into it if the player is extremely volatile to injuries.


Seeing M10 wearing the #10 is worth selling Jack alone!


He’s english. Case closed :wenger:


Bad lifestyle choices have led to Wilshere’s early decline


I’m not sure Jack’s lifestyle can be blamed to be fair. He hasn’t been that bad and he seems to have grown up recently. Injuries have screwed him over, he has been on the end of some horrendous tackles - just incredibly unlucky.

It’s a real shame, but on the plus side, if he does go abroad, at least it’ll reduce the strain on the NHS.