Jack Wilshere


Can we think of anyone that will realistically be in for him? Other than West Ham?


Everton and Wolves i’d say.

Bournemouth would have him back too, finances would be a concern with that one though.


If he’s off in June then surely a new CM is coming for sure.




Jack has done enough to warrant to 3 years incentive laden deal imo. His form has been mixed but he has shown glimpses of talent in CM and more importantly he’s remained fit.

Could do a job as a rotation option and help provide competition in midfield

It’s really sad how this situation is coming to an end though. I’d like to keep him but wouldn’t be sad if he left.


A 3 year contract?! What are you smoking haha


He can get 6 month rolling pay as you play, fucking jak “soppy bollocks” wilshere


Cockney cunt. He would do well for a the cockney team.


No news is good news as far as I’m concerned.

If we had wanted to keep him, it surely would have been sorted by now. There is a part of me that thinks he might benefit from more clear tactical instruction, but I think I’m done with Jack. It’s likely that he’ll get injured again at some point so no need to risk giving him a contract (even if is pay as you play).

His departure frees up some room in midfield. A bank of Elneny, Ramsey and Xhaka looks decidely average on paper. Need a massive injection of quality here. Fucking galactic sized injection actually.


Okay, many of us want Jack to leave… that’s fine.

Then what good it is go find a better/very good/outstanding CM, while our left wing position is still occupied by Danny Fucking Welbeck and Alex Fucking Iwobi, and a few more positions are occupied by fucking this and fucking that??

Jack’s contract won’t affect anything on our transfer budget, wake up.


@ronniec he effects our fucking performance more than the 2 mentioned. Hes the last of the sick,infirm and lazy whose malaise has undermined the club for too long.
Hes everything we should be trying to get away from now in a new era.


That is a very serious accusation.
If you talk about lazy, at least 1/3 of the team belongs to this category.
Jack is not perfect, but if you want to label him lazy, then a lot of our players have their weaknesses and flaws also… wreckless, heartless, not-motivated, headless… skill-less.


Good move for Jack.


Pray with me y’all



Hodgson is a bit of a Wilshere fanboy.

He’s always backing him for England. Even took him to the Euros when he’d missed about 57 months of football! Then again, Jack did play some of his best football under Woy.

Seems like a good move all round.


I’d rather go to Palace or Fulham than West Ham, despite his connections. Good deal


Glad all over.


i can see him being best buddies with Zaha (unless of course Zaha decides to jump ship)


Good riddance and good luck.


He has to go don’t care where