Jack Wilshere


Give it a rest Jack



Winding people up with this like a good’un. Good lad Jack. :rofl:


He really is a tosser. Hope he finds his level at West Ham and becomes someone else’s burden.


He’s what my mother would probably call a “little shit”.

Probably the only player we’ve had since Nasri that’s made it pretty clear he’s like that. I don’t think his nonsense would be a loss to the club. It’s nice to have a player that wants to take the piss out of Spurs but if he was a Spurs player lets be honest, we’d hate the fuck out of him.


I get that he’s gutted and because of that you get one opportunity to air your disappointment but someone needs to tell him to step away from social media.

Not a good look.


He’s been doing this daily Instagram post for 14 fucking days in a row :joy::joy:


He’s let himself down massively with this sulky attitude.

He just spent the best part of two years trying to regain some respect and get himself fit by going on loan and managing to stay relatively injury free with us this season. He got games under his belt and was well spoken in interviews and honest about what he was trying to achieve.

But now he’s thrown that all down the toilet by non-stop whinging about not being selected. I can understand his initial statement about feeling upset, as you would do after spending so much time working on getting back onto the pitch regularly. However everything that has followed has been poor form from Jack. He’s on the verge of completely destroying everything he’s worked for recently.


Honestly cant wait for him to fuck off already


He screams West Ham marquee signing forced on the manager by Gold and Sullivan


good to get him of the wage bill.


I can see that happening if he goes elsewhere but maybe Emery wants to see what he can do.

I like him as a player but his attitude isn’t great, and he is immature.
But he would suit West Ham and their supporters would love him there.


That would require giving Jack a new deal…

It’s time to part.


When does his contract expire? Please let it be the first of June.


Nah, end of June.


Maybe the club will give him a new contract and then sell him at the end of next season so they don’t lose him for nothing.
It does seem strange that the board, who are well known for not wasting money, would let a player, that was probably worth 20m, let his contract run down.

I still think he is a decent player, and keeping him is cheaper than finding a replacement, but unless we’re going to get a ready made starting player, we might as well see what he does under Emery, and if it doesn’t work out then sell him.


Bl1nk all these years of playing Football Manager and you don’t know contracts end on 30 June! :wink:


Keeping Welbeck is cheaper than finding a replacement. Keeping Mustafi is cheaper than finding a replacement. Keeping Ospina is cheaper than finding a replacement.

That’s not a reason to keep any of them though.

Wilshere doesn’t really offer us much anymore. Personally, i’d replace him with someone like Golovin – he’s impressed at CSKA Moscow. Nailed on starter for Russia too – one to watch in the dullfest of Group A.


I think he can negotiate with other English clubs on June 1st so expecting an announcement about his new club next week.


But they are still all in contract.
We could give Wilshere a new contract and then sell after next season if it doesn’t work out.
This means he doesn’t need replacing and we get a fee for him if we do sell him.


What’s he done to warrant a new contract, though? I’ve stuck up for him for years but I’m just bored of him now. Fuck paying his wages for a year just so we make £10m or whatever on him next summer.

There are plenty of alternatives out there, including ones who won’t cost the Earth.