Jack Wilshere




I also missed out on the world cup, also wrongly in my opinion. I feel you brother Jack.


Hurry up and leave. You have Mesut’s number

I don’t understand why every arsenal fan on twitter loves him and wants him to sign a new contract :confused:


He is definitely done. Lord Emery need players with high workrate and stamina.


Christ I thought that was a parody account for the first couple of lines.

That is fucking embarrassing.


Whoa. Worthy of such a title already?




If he’s got 24.95 + P&P. :giroud3:


He’s deluded if he thinks he’s done legitimately better than any of the other players.


Getting one of those for the dog!


Hasn’t he retired from Int football yet? That’s usually the done thing in this scenario :grin:


Probably better than Jake steals a taxi in Barcelona Livermore tbf tho.


He still has age on his side and we all know he has the talent so one can understand why he hasn’t retired from international football. Besides, given England’s record in big tournaments, it’s quite likely Southgate will quit after the summer and the new manager might just fancy playing Jack.

IMO, we should be move him on, like we did with Theo. He has been here long enough to have established himself as one of the first names on the team sheet, but for whatever reasons, it hasn’t worked out that way. I am tempted to see Unai can push Jack to the next level but given his injury record, I think it’s best we let go of him and invest in another, younger player.


What is the latest on his contract situation? Is he gonna sign?


Wildlife Paradise Park, he knows where the fun is :sunglasses:


It’s weird that it’s almost june and there is no news whatsoever.


Not at Arsenal.
We wait until the end of the window before starting to do things like transfers and contracts :grinning:


I don’t think Jack is mad about not making the reserve list :mustafi:


Cringe. After his recent pity party social media binge he’s welcome to leave. Embarrassing.


damn. you are so tuff. you show no mercy.