Jack Wilshere


Jack’s agent is blatantly just going down the UEFA rankings one by one and phoning up clubs.

He’s not doing a very good job if he’s only got as far as PSG by May though.


I’m starting to go off him a bit.
As much as I rate him as a footballer, he comes across as a bit immature, and his agent sounds like a shyster.

I thought the board would give him a contract and then sell him after next season for a few million if it didn’t work out.

It’s a shame he could leave for nothing, but he will be off the wage bill, which we could pay to someone else.


Ol’ Tommy Tookel will be absolutely relishing the chance to field the English Iniesta.

I’ve no problem with this, it just shows that Wilshere’s camp are rooting about for a good move that isn’t exclusive to Arsenal anymore. One foot in, one foot out. No way should this be hindering our own business though.

Crack on JackyBoy :jakey:


Don’t think he deserves an improved deal. I don’t see a better side coming in for him. If he wants to go, let him go. Clear some wages for a better player who will start and control the game for 90 minutes. He’s too injury prone and inconsistent; he should be glad he’s even being offered an extension. Let his greedy agent offer him around. He may do better abroad, but if he stays in England, I can’t see him going to a top club.


Finally some people realize that he is an overrated overpaid player. Far from making any difference in midfied.

He is like Walcott, just potential and some good memories from his beginning and that’s it.


Comparing Jack to Lolcott is disgracefull imo. Theo had nothing and i mean NOTHING apart from pace to his game.


Im surprised that nobodys thrown myth man in as player manager with his famed Arsenal DNA.


Theo has had a better Arsenal career so far than Wilshere, by a distance.


Theo produced quite a few moments of magic, especially in the first half of his career. I remember that Villareal goal in the champions league, that Henryesque goal against Shaktar as well. That assist for Arshavin against Liverpool. That assist for Adebayor in the champions league (was it against Milan ? LE: no, it was Liverpool).

And let’s not forget he got into double figures on a couple of occasions. He just never progressed to the levels people expected of him. He lacked the desire basically, he seems content with the level he’s reached and has been so for many years now.

Wow, I remember that excitement, I can’t believe it’s been a decade. Arsenal were a joy to watch back then.


We can play this game all day long…


Theo was in is trash. Trying to glorify his arsenal spell is cringe to say the least.


Don’t think that’s fair tbh, sure he didn’t fulfil his potential but he had a decent - good spell here.


I can’t remember what season it was, 10/11 or 11/12 where RvP and Theo had a sexy thing going. Theo gave him a massive amount of assists and scored into double figures as well.

Wilshere has been well under par for us in terms of stats. He’s never added to that part of his game and that’s been his ultimate downfall bar the injuries.


fair opinion. I just totally disagree. The guy had a worse first touch than Danny fekin Welbeck. i must admit that i felt sorry for him in his last years. the amount of abuse and hate he got from the crowd was insane. he is a great guy but a very, very limited footballer.


No one’s got a worst touch than Welbeck, not even Eeyore :grin:

Walcott could at least finish and made very good use of his physical talents despite never developing an all round game, we got a lot of milage out of him. Jack on the other hand will go down as one the biggest wastes of talent of his generation.


i think its fair to say that both players have been destroyed by devastating injuries. Theo looked to have hit form back in our 13/14 title “challenge” when he tore his ligaments. He was never the same player after that injury. Jack recovered well from his whole season injury in the 11/12 campaign, but the Injury where he broke his fibula bone from a Mcnair tackle in oktober/November 2014 is the defining injury imo.
since that injury he has lost his acceleration and agility, which is a huge part of his game. When you watch him today its literally like watching a player running tru mud, its that bad. unfortunately i dont think he will ever fully recover and return to his best form physically, but his technical skill alone is enough for him to be effective against parked buses at home. furthermore i just love me some proper pure arsenal lad which is always good for a anti spuds song or two.


11/12. I think as RVP was injured half of 10/11.




Probably my favourite moment in the last ten years, that. Shame the referees were out to rob us of that tie whatever way they could. That game, though :heart_eyes: , between that epic run by Theo and that golazón by brother Abou :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s good to see Jack is over not being selected by Southgate…