Jack Wilshere


England will crash and burn at the world cup anyway. Too much Liverpool trash on their squad who are most probably knackered after all their gagagoogoopressen bullshit


Two players?


He probably deserves a spot in the squad but it’s hardly criminal that he’s been left out. On the whole I haven’t been that impressed with him this season.


Two too many :):smiley:


He offers something different in midfield to those that have been picked. He has plenty of international experience. Makes little sense to leave him out.

Not even on stand by as well, think its personal. Southgate’s a dummy.


I know people think he offers something different in midfield but the truth is these days I actually question what he does actually offer. He hasn’t had an outstanding season by any stretch of the imagination and doesn’t look like a player who can play the full 90 minutes.

I can see the logic in leaving him out of the squad but I’m not entirely sure Livermore should be on the reserve list ahead of him.


Suck it up Jack. The easy ride and lowering of your own standards got you into this. Lack of professional attitude and poor stamina led to this.


Not even on the reserve list? :rofl:




I’m actually rooting for Jack to leave now. I’ve lost interest in hoping he can stay fit, and hoping he can recover the performance levels of about 7 years ago.

Squad needs a big shake up and Wilshere occupies a really important spot in the squad. Whole midfield needs disrupting and this is an easy place to start.

Would be disappointed if we extend him as it will also probably mean that Ramsey is off.



Wilshere is a squad player with the future midfield, probably, being Ramsey-Ozil-Xhaka. I don’t think his position is that important.


He’s taking up a squad place that could be used by someone else more productive and also more reliable with regards to fitness.

I’d rather see AMN get minutes over Wilshere under the new manager, this England snub should be a message to Wilshere that he should leave Arsneal, I don’t see a way back for him should he stay.


Without Mhkitaryan and Iwobi, they’ll mostly occupy the wing positions I reckon, we have five midfielders (Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Elneny and Ozil) in the squad. I think we shouldn’t include Cazorla either. That’s enough to give a spot to Maitland-Niles and get someone.


How can Wilshere say he should be in the squad when he’s been fucking careless in 2018? He screwed it up for himself after a strong first half of the season. He’s a massively wasted talent.


There are 2 arguments in this. Wilshere is beginning to believe his own bullshit. If he thinks he’s good enough to go to the WC, he’s just massaging his own ego.

Southgate is also going along with lazy, unspectacular selections.


By English standards he’s still one of our better players in terms of passing, vision and dribbling from midfield. I wouldn’t give him 90 minutes and expect him to control the game from midfield but if we were 1-0 down in a quarter final I’d bring him on at 70 minutes to try and make a breakthrough.

My anticipated starting lineup leaves only Vardy, Lingard and maybe Rashford as players you might like to use from the bench to make something happen. If one of those goes down then we’ll be praying for Welbeck to find a way through.



Sounds like bollocks.

No way he displaces Verratti and Rabiot.


To be fair, it does say his agent has “offered him to” PSG, not that PSG are interested.

I’ve offered myself to Justin Timberlake. Still waiting for a reply though :santi: