Jack Wilshere


It’s not having Jack around that I have a problem with as such. Like you said, he’s a decent squad player. Though I don’t think he has done enough to warrant such a good deal.

But my issue is, I don’t want these mediocre players signing on to stop us from strengthening in the transfer window.

If our squad was going to stay exactly as it is now, then yeah, fine, but i’d hope we plan to invest in that midfield area.


It’s OK, Santi will be like a new signing.


My boy Aaron lobs goalkeepers with backheels, nothing boring about that.


Hope he has a great season so we can sell him for a good price next summer :wink:


I get all the handwringing over a player that has only debatably proven his fitness let alone long term quality, but once again we don’t really have reliable sources for what money he wanted and what they gave him


My initial reaction to a deal like this potentially being done at this stage was he’d met Arsenal’s terms, not Arsenal has met his. Or there was some give and take but I doubt the outcome is we’re giving a squad player a big pay rise.


He could leave at the end of this season for nothing but if we give him a new deal for around 5m a season, that has got to be cheaper than going out and buying the equivalent player.

If he doesn’t work out then we can sell him and probably make money on him.

What we really need is a replacement for Cazorla but if we aren’t going to do that then keeping Wilshere would make more sense.
If he can stay fit, he is more than useful as cover for several first team players.


Hold on. I swear you’re regularly critical of the club for doing things on the cheap in the transfer market but because its “Our Jack” you seem to think it’s a good idea to keep him because it would cost more to get someone else in. Have I misunderstood you?!

We should be letting him go and bringing in someone of quality to go along with Ramsey, Xhaka, Elneny and lastly Maitland-Niles.

You can’t rely on Wilshere to be fit, last 90 minutes or actually display the qualities we are keeping him around for. It’s such an obvious area for improvement.


Arsenal are also now extremely close to agreeing a new contract with midfielder Jack Wilshere. The club’s most recent offer is understood to keep Wilshere’s basic wage at around £110,000 a week, but will include added performance bonuses that would represent a rise if he continues to play regularly. He has already completed his most club matches this season since first emerging in the Arsenal team as a teenager in 2010-11.

Shitheads. :sanchez2:


Our midfields is fucked. Its braindead farmers(ramsey, elneny, xhaka) and crooks like jack and Santi.


Bit of a jump on my part but if we’re retaining him I reckon it’s on the say so of whoever the new manager is…


It is doing it on the cheap, because to replace him with a similar quality player would be a lot more expensive and it means we won’t lose him on a free.
If he signs a new contract and it doesn’t work out, we can sell him after a season or so and make money from it.

The club must want him to stay, otherwise they wouldn’t have let him run down his contract and possibly move for nothing to another PL club.





When the other half see’s the group chat :wink:



Lol Wilshere is a party boy, but think a majority of those people who get hammered in Zante, Magaluf or whatever every summer are a mess


Needs to learn from Theo’s mistakes.


I can see it from both sides. I think he deserved to go, but at the same time – who should have made way for him? He certainly should be above Livermore on the reserve list though


Plenty of people rate him but plenty don’t these days. Southgate doesn’t seem to like him so that’s that.

If someone that rated him was in charge he’d have gone IMO, even based on this season. He’s had enough good performances that someone that likes him could ignore the bad and see what he had to offer.