Jack Wilshere (10)


If we keep him and Cazorla we shouldn’t be relying on their fitness or in other words they should only be squad players and never first choice options. If they both stay then we should bolster the squad with at least one new central midfielder because no matter who the manager is these two are going to get injured.


You can keep ageing players as bit part players but no way on earth you keep players like Cazorla and Wilshire who miss whole seasons.
Just fucking nuts the logic Arsenal fans have at times for me. People want a new manager on the one hand and give contracts to lepers like these.
No chance a new manager keeps them.


For me it should be either him or Cazorla (so Cazorla). Having been an Arsenal fan for years I’m used to permanently crocked players, but I really don’t think we should have more than one such player.


The armony and the balance of the team depend on how you are smart to rotate the players which you have.

There are managers capable to work with 16 players (Guardiola) and managers which prefer to work with a limit, like Conte this year. Ok, this year has been simple because of no european competition, but when he was in charge at Juventus, used more or less the same players because has a limited faith.

I’m sure, following how has worked this season, next season Conte will not change and will not be in favour of rotation before a CL game or generally before an “easy game”. Players like Kantè, Azpilicueta, Cahill or the new starter on defense, David Luiz, Kantè, Hazard, the striker, Alonso will be ever into the starting XI.

I say this to think about our situation. If Wilshere will remain with us next season, signing or not the new contract, we will have Coquelin, Xhaka, Elneny, Cazorla (ok, he isn’t young, at the moment is injured, but when he will recover and will start to train like the other players, will be not happy if he will not be involved), Ramsey: five players for two places. Five players, for two places and a desperate need of an upgrade to help Xhaka and the team to perform well.

The situation could be attenuated with the EL campaign because of the low qualities of the opponents until the Quarter Finals, but is the Premier League to remain important.

Arsenal can’t sustain five players in two positions, especially if you need an add and the quality is not balanced, if two of the five players are now not good enough to perform, one is a normal player (Elneny) and one is shit (Coquelin).

I would prefer to keep Xhaka and Ramsey, keep Santi into the 25-men squad and sell the others to rebuild this section of the team with quality players with a mix of experience and young ages.

An example? Matuidi and Fornàls.


Ramsey is about as useful to us as Jack is to right now.

The sooner he gets the boot the better, there are so many better options out there it’s unreal.


Darkseid, we can’t sell every HG players if you want to play into the Premier League next season. Keep Ramsey is better than to keep Wilshere.


Not trying to Aussie Gooner it up here, but these discussions just seem so pointless to me as long as Wenger is around.

If we want to win with Wenger we need a Real Madrid level talent team…Wenger, I mean Zidane, has proven you can win with Zidane, I mean Wenger, as your manager at Real Madrid with that amount of talent and a fuck ton of luck. So we gotta do the talent part and pray for the fuck ton of luck part.

Something like much, much better LB- Koscielny-Mustafi-Aurier Xhaka-Goretzka-Özil Coman-Alexis-Dembele would probably be enough to make us competitive.

Would probably also need someone to help Wenger with the team selections too, as he’s inept at that, too, at this point of his career, though then again Wenger also makes poor decisions at Madrid choosing Coquelin and Giroud over the likes of Asensio, Isco, Morata, James, etc.


Yep. Its exactly the same as Diaby. We have to move Jack on.


Brittle bone jack… Make a good pirate…


He might go to China


That would be awesome as we’d likely get an inflated fee.



As if he’s going to fucking China :joy:


Chinese teams are only allowed 4 non Asians per squad - would they really want to waste one of those spaces on Abou Wilshere?!


They have more money than they know what to do with. Wilshere will be a star signing, meaning more shirts and merchandise sale, and who knows, the Chinese game might just suit him and his fragile legs.


Daily Star :xhaka:. But we would get so much money here :smile:


HillWoods mouth piece… Inside info





That’s very good


Looks more like he’s giving him a bollocking rather than a pep talk haha