Jack Wilshere (10)


This club is absolute shite with its players…keeps the worthless and inadequate injury prone players to high contracts which we can never get rid of or refuse to get rid of, we are swimming in dross but a decent or world class player becomes available ‘it will kill xyz career’ he will want too much wages even if we can afford the fee…this fucking socialist wage structure ‘we dont buy wc we make them…we aint made ANY player close to WC in fucking years’ we really need wenger to fuck off so this club can be run like a fucking normal club the rules and where we go as regards transfers and keeping dead players is beyond fucking stupid. Whoever allows this to happen is retarded…fuck you all!


If we are keeping Wilshere maybe either Walcott, Chamberlain or Ramsey are going to be sold.
I can’t see Wenger, if he is staying, keeping so many high earning and underperforming players, that aren’t first team regulars.

I still like Wilshere as a player, because he has that fight that a lot of our players don’t have but his injury record is very poor.
It wasn’t that long ago, he was considered the best young England player, and one of the best prospects in the PL.
But he is no longer a prospect and each long term injury he has means it takes longer for him to recover and get back to his best.

Can we afford to keep hold of so many injury prone players?


Of course we can because we’ll hardly be getting in new players :wenger:

Seriously though the mismanagement of this club never ceases to amaze me.


Is this really a surprise? If we were willing to keep Diaby on all those years, then we will sure be looking after one of our own.

@Maverick79 massive overreaction mate


no it isnt this club is upside down…what the fuck value did rosicky, diaby, wilshere etc give us. What value has Walcott given us over 10 years, what of Ramsey etc, we harbour fucking dross and injured players that should be shipped out a long time ago but when it comes to buy WC players or WC talents ‘it will cost too much wages, cant pay him more than xyz’. Its a fucking joke, we have filled our roster with rubbish to mediocre players with a handful of good players have one of the biggest wage bills in the world even more than fucking bayern and for what? Cant pay a world class player what they deserve, but can sicknotes and shit players…where am i going over the top, the whole club is fucking rotten and most of all stupid, penny pinching in all the wrong areas when paying a fucking dud manager with his bullshit systems one of the highest wages for a manager in football for what, yet again harbouring rubbish we are hoarders of garbage!

It happens allthe time, we hold on and on and on to shit which should be gotten rid of pay them their fucking wages for playing like shit or not playing at all whilst the world class players go to other clubs sometimes even for cheap prices then you hear ‘we could have signed him but we had wilshere and we are stacked in midfield’ i am sick to fucking hell off it…fuck wilshere he is no use to us only playing on average 10 games a season, we did the same with diaby and rosicky etc. GET RID and get rid of shit like walcott etc whilst we are at it, in fact fuck 3/4 of this team and manager the whole fucking club needs to be gutted and slowly built back to what its meant to be, too much garbage from top to bottom.


It’s a fracture (ie break) of his fibula (a bone in the leg)


Another proof of Wenger staying.


I stand corrected but presumably a hairline fracture type of break is still viewed differently from what happened to eg Eduardo

As for Wilshere getting a new deal, admirable loyalty in a game often lacking in it, but at the same time a harmful decision both for him and Arsenal. Utterly stupid. Short of converting him into a goalkeeper I don’t see how you can protect fragile ankles in English football


Wenger probably feels obligated to keep Wilshere here as long as possible. He, after all, is the one who played Wilshere in 50+ games as a 19 year old in one season; which resulted him being out injured the entire following season.


Not sure why people are so enraged at the thought of the club spending 4-5m a season to keep him when we have 200m cash reserves. Once you take the money aspect out of it, who really cares?


Yeah I hope we keep him even if he doesn’t play much. He’s like Arsenal mascot B when gunnersaurus isn’t available.


Yeah Jack being able to play half a season as a squad player is still infinitely more useful than the likes of Black Hole Ramsey.

Ideally we’d keep Jack and sign a true heir to Santi though like Tielemans or the like.


Its the squad space and excuses that come with it also…he takes up a place that we always reserve for these players and never fucking buy a player for backup or better than the said player because ‘he will be fit’ and then 3 months turn into 6 and then plays a game and gets injured again, or like cazorla is out for the season or does return then plays 2 games and is fucked. These players gives wenger constant excuses not to fucking invest where we need investment even though he damn well knows they are so unreliable.


Because of Arsene Wenger, you know that it’s very likely that he’s deluded enough to actually count on Wilshere being fit when building the team.


Keeping Jack would be a seriously poor move unless its only like 50 K a week lol. He’s just stupidly injury prone and even when healthy he’s not the player everyone thought he’d become.


money doesnt really make a difference. imo, leader and a character and when fit a classy player.

Better off with him as long as we dont depend on him being fit.


What’s the point of having a player if we can’t rely on him being fit. Jack is hardly a world above the rest for him really being a difference maker as a squad player.


After watching the shit show of Arsenal this year, yes we should keep Wilshere even if he only plays 15 games a season. The technical level of this team/squad isn’t good enough and he’d up that technical level whenever on the pitch. Ultimately his pay would be based on appearances anyway.

I’d imagine that was shattered, ie broke in many places. So no I don’t think as bad but for how long he’ll be out, are we talking another year?


More about the idea of it impeding our progress than the financials in my view. What was your take on Diaby being here year after year, when it became apparent he was not going to be able to contribute quite some time before he finally left the club


Any news on the extent of the injury?