Jack Wilshere (10)


Now its proven he gets injured away from Arsenal aswell, i think Stevenage maybe a better option…


Jack is really a broken man at this point.




You can only feel sorry for a talented young footballer. what makes it worse a Gooner through and through .


I just hope he’s fit enough to pass a medical before transfer deadline.


Sucks. I really had hope in him this season. I don’t think he’s been prolific for Bournemouth but to stay ‘fit’ this far into the season had me hoping he would finally be turning a corner at the very least.

I think Arsenal will be generous in this situation and let him give them an answer as to how he moves on from here. We’ve done it in the past to another midfield monster in Abou of course!


I think the loan move to Bournemouth has actually reduced his value in the transfer market because he’s just not taken off. Reading through a Bournemouth forum some fans think he’s a cut above everyone in the squad and others are a bit underwhelmed by him. The fact his performances tailed off as well don’t help too much.

But West Ham spent big on Carroll so i think we can squeeze £20m out of a club like them for him.


£20 Million would be a ludicrous fee for him, but I suppose he does come with that magical English player price multiplier.


It won’t happen. He could have gone to Italy instead of Bournemouth. He wants to stay in England.


Well he’s an England international in his mid 20s so if Everton can pay upwards of 12m for an average 32 year old Welsh defender then I think taking home £20m for someone like Wilshere who has age and is still highly rated by his peers…

Not to mention Liverpool paid nearly 20m for Aquilani all those years ago and he was a crock himself.

Just think despite only having a year left there’s enough in his favour to still get 20m for him.


He has a broken leg, no one is spending 20m on an injury prone player with a broken leg which may mean he’s out for a year.

We’re apparently talking about a new deal with Wilshere and the alternative now is letting him go for free.


There’s more money than sense about these days, I do think someone will cough up for him but we have to be sensible and cut the cord. Wilshere ha to be sensible and know that his next (5th is it?) lower leg/ankle fracture will occur next season unless he reduces that risk by going abroad


We’ll be holding onto him for another year just to sign him on a new deal with 2 months of solid/good football towards the end of next season. I wouldn’t really expect anything different from Wenger.


What could have been :cry:


Like I said, there’s an abundance of money in the game right now and clubs have spent big sums on injury prone players before. Wilshere still has a name value, he’s still young and he’s English. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get 20m for him.


You’ll have to find me an instance of a team knowingly signing a player with a broken leg. I’ve never heard of it. They’d be better off waiting for player to recover and then signing him because they wouldn’t have to cover his wages when injured.

If he wasn’t injured for the long term he’d absolutely be worth 20-30m though injury prone or not.

Also this is sort of interesting regarding the injury:

The main function of the fibula bone is as a point of attachment for many of the muscles of the lower leg. The tibia is the weight bearing bone of the two whereas the fibula has much of its surface for muscle attachment. This results in traction and twisting forces placed on the bone from the surrounding muscles which over time cause a stress fracture.

Athletes with excessive pronation or rolling in of the feet when running are more susceptible because the peroneal muscles must work harder for longer during toe off in the running gait cycle.


He doesn’t have a broken leg mate. I’m not sure why you keep saying that.


hairline crack…second one hes had…according to this…
1 injury free season since 2010


He’s never broken his leg as far as I’m aware, he’s broken his right ankle in 2011 or 12 or whenever it was and has since then suffered recurrent hairline fractures of the same ankle twice, the other ankle once and his shin too I think. But most of it stems from the right ankle when he was out for well over a season. Playing for England before he had the surgery probably didn’t help.

Edit: actually I read the left ankle one he had surgery on was for ligament damage