Jack Wilshere (10)


Said this before but having all these long term injured players hanging round the club is not good for the team.
Diaby, Rosciky, Arteta, Wilshire, Cazorla etc. Just get shut of the lot.
Thats a lot of wages and in most of them ageing players. Taking the amount of time out to injury most of them had at their respective ages means they would never get back to their prime.
Seriously bad judgement by all involved in allowing all them to stay. Cazorla will now be the next saga to drag on now with no doubt a 3 minute youtube compilation to music on why we need to keep him.
Fucking sick of this bollocks every season.


Will be hilarious when Wenger and Wilshere both get new two year deals and sign them together after the season ends in a big club event.


Really a microcosm of AW’s final phase in charge of AFC. Just an injured, flawed talent that is doomed inevitably… feel for the lad, but I think many of us had moved on and wanted the club to stop relying on him completely.


Feel sorry for him. He must be gutted. I agree with some of the posters above. He should leave England and ply his trade elsewhere if he wishes to continue playing for a few more years. He has no future at Arsenal for sure.

Wish him all the best.


Injured again :xhaka:


Its a real shame for him. I hope he can still have a career but his days as a gunner are now surely at an end.


Surely no way back for him at Arsenal now. He’s been completely average for Bournemouth and now has failed to stay fit yet again.


We’ll always have Barcelona, Jack :heart:


Sell him to West Ham(his team) thats where all Arsenal players go to fade away and die.


Very sad, but that’s the end for him at Arsenal. I’ve not been wholly impressed with his progress at Bournemouth, and he’s got a relatively serious injury.


I can see Brighton taking a punt on him if he can be ready to play by early next season.


West Ham seems most likely to me. They’ve got the cash and have spent about two years going round and making big offers for players way out of their league who don’t want to play for them. Wilshere has a fondness for West ham and won’t be in high demand, he’s a realistic target for them and a player with a pretty high profile for what he’s actually achieved in the game, which will appeal to West Ham as they’ve been trying to make a statement signing.


That is a cruel pun if it was intended.


What pun?! :frowning:


sole…foot…broken leg…


‘proper gutted for Jack, Must be sole destroying to keep getting long term injuries.’

You meant ‘soul destroying’, haha - sole destroying are his repeated injuries in his foot :joy:


Oh fuck! Woops :joy: was not intended lol


He did start very well but he’s definitely gone off the boil in the last 3 months. I thought it was a blip a couple of months ago but it’s definitely fade, so maybe he was lacking fitness anyway and unfortunately maybe it is true he’ll never manage a full season.

Every Bournemouth fan I know still loves him though and he’ll have no shortage of suitors. Guessing he’ll be a squad player then walk on a free next summer if he’s not fit enough to sell this year.


If it’s West Ham then I think we’re now in territory where you can see West Ham turning down Jack Wilshere, rather than Jack Wilshere turning down West Ham.

It’s an awfully big investment on a player that you can practically guarantee is not going to last a season. He almost got there with Bournemouth…but he didn’t. And his stats don’t exactly back up the notion of his loan spell being successful. Go abroad Jack, put an end to this sorry cycle.


It didn’t stop them with Andy Carroll. Though I take your point, his injury record is a concern for anyone looking to sign him.