Jack Wilshere (10)


Don’t blame them, Jack has taken the piss out of them on several occasions. If I was a Spurs fan I would have loved watching him get destroyed and most likely done exactly what they did. Its not like it was a serious head injury or anything, that would be a different matter all together.



what the fuck are his bones made out of chalk?


Looks like he’s staying then. That’s one debate we don’t have to have all summer.


(If true) That is pretty shitty. He has had a solid campaign this season in terms of fitness compared to recent season. Just when you think he’s turned a corner, bam. Said it before say it again, will never complete a full season again. Shame really.



proper gutted for Jack, Must be sole destroying to keep getting long term injuries.:disappointed:


just sell or let his contract run out DO NOT RENEW FOR FUCKS SAKE!!


I wish him to recover as soon as possible and leave the England to try another league without frequent tackles as the Premier League.

Sad to say, but is a player with no value at the moment. Would be stupid to reach an agreement to keep him and hope to recover to play regulary or hope to sell him. I wish him to leave as free agent and join a foreign club to restart his career.


That is a good shout. He should definitely consider it.


It’s basically his only option if he wants to play another 7 or 8 years in football.

Move his young family over to Italy or Spain, leave the British gutter press behind and forge a new life abroad


Can see it now. Retired at 28. Opens up a chain of bars in Benidorm and Marbella. :wilshere:


La Liga could be perfect for him or Italy into a team with elite medical team like AC Milan have.


Where he drinks most of the stock. There is something about him that i feel he would have very poor impulse control and i reckon after football he will be on drugs or a heavy drinker…heard it here first!


If he’s willing to drop his wage demands that is, as he’ll be seen as a very risk purchase by anyone now. I reckon Arsenal will look to sell this summer, with his blessing. May sound harsh but needs to happen. What does Wilshere gain wasting the whole of 17/18 still at Arsenal?

Someone’s going to have to persuade him that he’s done in English football but not destroy his confidence in his game completely, because he can still make it somewhere else. A top 5/6 club in Italy outside of Juve, or in Spain outside of the big 2


The bad luck and the football criminals with the tackle as easy option to kill the other players, have ruined another talent.


Didn’t realise it had already been posted as I have this thread muted :grin:

It’s sad but it makes what would have been a hard decision only for Wenger a lot easier, no new contract.


Gutted. :santi: Bloody love this player.


After Diaby, i’m not sure my fragile heart can take this.


Much like Arsenal’s ability to collapse every season in the last decade, Jack getting some sort of long term injury is beyond a joke. Said two/three years ago, we should’ve sold him while we had the chance and was fit. Think @Midfield_Maestro said in the past, he’s sadly never going to have a full season of Football ever again. Part time at best.


Ahh bad times.

The end is nigh for him I think.