Jack Wilshere (10)


I think he deserves a chance. He has stayed fit this season and he would of been straight in to our team with the injuries we have had

I’d actually start him as he brings some fight and passion which is massively lacking from our team


Madness to even consider letting Jack go. Ramsey is the first person who should be out the door this summer no question.

Jack actually meets the technical ability threshold and has the brain to utilise it. Deserveso a chance to prove himself after keeping fit at Bournemouth


I don’t quite get those that are wanting to sell him off? I don’t really see him leaving.

There’s a whole list of players that should be drop kicked out of the club before casting a glance at Jack particularly as it’s looking increasingly likely that he can indeed hack a full season with little to no injury concerns. Who would have thought it?

Ramsey, Coq, Gibbs, Monreal, Elneny and more should all be given the boot before him and it isn’t like we’re lining up quality, not even attempting to get Dahoud is just pathetic.


He is one of the few players we have that will fight for the team when things aren’t going well.
If it weren’t for his injury record he would be a first team regular.

If we are going to sell anyone I would look at getting rid of Walcott or Chamberlain.

Saying that, if we could get more than 30m for Wilshere and the same for Walcott or Chamberlain and the money was invested in a world class winger or striker, then it might be worth it.

But we don’t do that sort of thing, so we might as well keep him.


Look people might want to give him a chance. Fine thats their opinion. But fighting spirit, please come on.
When did he show this on any sort of regular basis for us.


Everybody wishes they got to do that, John. Everybody does. :+1:

“To Jack, great player and great man. I wish I had the chance to play with you week in, week out. Good luck, JT.”


I still have a hope he comes back and owns it next season for us after proving his fitness at Bournemouth.

Xhaka and Wilshere is something I wouldn’t mind trying.


All I will say is that there are a heck of a lot other players that should leave before Jack does. Of the British players that we have at the club, the only ones I would retain are the Ox and Jack.


Really think this guy should leave, any tackles on him and he is fucked…seems to have a special boot on after Spuds. Dunno if they viciously tackled him but this guy has glass ankles as soon as he has a tap he is fucked, he will never play a full season for us and has not been that good for bournemouth either, hasnt even scored a small handful of goals. Dunno what his stats are but to me i think he is a waste of a wage and a waste of our time.



guy is a fucking waste of our time, he looked class to begin with now he is just a lout who thinks he is good and cant even stand out for fucking bournemouth, can even stay fit when fucking mollycoddled just get rid!


Jesus what is it with our fucking players


wenger buys lightweight pussies that’s whats with them, and those are the players he seemingly wants for our 1st team (i know wenger didnt buy Wilshere)


Thoughts on the scum fans’ treatment of Wilshere?

You reap what you sew, or out of order?


What happened?


They basically just revelled in his injury, “it’s happened again” etc.


If you give it out have to take it back IMO. Didn’t see anything wrong with it.


If it’s a snapped, dangly leg type of situation I’m not going to mock any player, however much I hate them. But an injury like this, to a player who has been as much of a cunt to them as Wilshere, can’t really say they’ve done much wrong.


Yeah would agree with that .

Can’t rate among Wilshere’s better afternoons, 4-0 loss at Tottenham and possibly out for another few months. At this point I have no idea what he’s going to be doing next season


Dont care what he does really as long as it is as far as fuck away from Arsenal, he should definitely be sold he is just another diaby, waste of time harbouring him wasting millions whilst he plays 5 matches a season.