Ivan Gazidis


Sweet dreams little buddy.


No, you were the one kept mention the “accessibility”, how easy it is for you to buy in India, and you have no access to buy Warriors.

Everything comes down to team performance, the part that you just totally ignored.
The money we generated from sponsors, should go back to strengthen the team, and the reason to strengthen the team is to win more games, win more titles.

People questioned our deals with Puma was not that good, and then I questioned why we picked Puma but not other sponsors that could pay us more. Then you start talking about the market in India and your accessibility to purchase.


You kids need to calm the fuck down. The same people thread after thread bickering…Fuck off already and stop turning this new place into a battle ground. Good day :sunglasses:


I’m always excited when I go away for 2 hours and a thread has 50 new posts.

I was dissappointed to reach the climax of this one.


In the day and age of internet access, are peeps really arguing about being able to find a jersey to buy?


I sleep and this thread has 80 odd posts , pretty much explains the state of our club at the moment.


@Trion the way you are repeatedly going around insulting other members is going to become a problem pretty soon. You’ve insulted ronnie several times in this thread, and have made similar insults towards me twice recently.

It’s coming across as being rather petulant and very childish. Give it a rest, you often have interesting things to say and are capable of expressing yourself thoughtfully. I’m not sure why you are behaving like this lately but please give it a rest, pretty sure no-one is enjoying reading your petty insults.


@Trion 's just acting out because he misses his old buddy Brady Magic.


fuck me trion you will be able to buy a fake shirt for 2 pounds anywhere in india that will be of the same quality as the ones youve always worn regardless of the sponsor.


I believe you are educated Jakey, I mean you read and write real good. Is that not enough?


Liverpool’s new deal is with the mother company of Warrior Sports; New Balance. I don’t know their presence in all of football of sports for that matter, but I know our own Aaron Ramsey has a deal with them.

Apart from Italy, it’s a list of mostly obscure secondary football countries you’re giving. Like I said not exactly the pinnacle of football sponsorship either. But like New Balance they are trying to acquire market share.


It used to be a real problem for me until my parents sent me to a specialised centre. Not only did they teach me to read good, they also taught me how to do other stuff good too


No one wants to hear our BFF origin story bru.


You used to love hearing me tell people the story of how we met. Guess the spark really has gone



Internet access doesn’t solve taxes, supply chain and other overheads which makes online purchase a financially stupid idea.


That’s what happen when someone is looking for an intelligent discussion but ends up interacting with bunch of simpletons.


Well you always have the option of fucking off and finding a forum more suited to your towering intellect


Interesting, so no one chose Warrior because they suck at getting their product to India. @Trion , thou hath taught me muchly, I can see why you have such a high opinion of yourself. Fully deserved, sir, on this evidence.


India is one example.
Warrior has minimal presence in Africa and Asia.

Seriously people on this forum need to improve their reading skills and stop taking things on face value.
Engage your brain cells.