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Sorry, I did not think much of India, your place, but I thought of U.S., Canada, China, Jana, Asia, some other countries else.

I see stores selling Adidas, Nikes (and their sponsored teams) everywhere, NOT EXCLUSIVELY to their brand stores or teams shops only.

If Puma is not really paying us that much (now we know, compare to other teams), and limit our sales (shirt) only exclusively to certain stores, that’s not my problem.


And don’t you think the extremely result oriented nature of footballing world would have had that same idea & allowed the chump with best offer to be their shirt sponsor.
Yet if i check, Bayern are 18m behind Liverpool’s deal. & many such examples as below.

This table was created before Liverpool’s deal, in May’16


What you & ronnie think is extremely simplistic way of thinking but business works on several factors.

Why is Warrior offering huge amount to Liverpool when they can get Bayern or Real of slightly more?


Thanks for trying to understand…
Not like someone who has a tendency to ask people’s age, and question people ability of reading and understanding…


Am i the only fucker in this forum with any business acumen.
FFS i should sleep.


Please God let the football start soon.


Dude, for your own sake.
You need to stop hiding behind views which are similar to yours.

If you can’t understand the impact of accessibility, impact of brand, impact of contractual loopholes; you will remain naive.

Also if you just intend to brush off arguments, why make me type out so much?
Why waste my time?


I’d love to hear the riveting tales of all of your successful business endeavors. Make a new thread about please. I’ll add the memes for you.


We’re not Bayern and we’re not Madrid. Neither are Liverpool. So they went with the chumps because that gave them more money in order to help them bridge the gap.

30m wasnt even a bad deal at the time but I jist wonder if we had others offering us more…


Question is why would Bayern & Real opt for lesser money when Warrior can offer more?

If you think ronnie’s point is so obvious, why are not all clubs doing the same?
Why are only Liverpool with brains?


Oh give over morrisc, you are bigger idiot than ronnie.
Atleast that guy is trying.


your concern is how many stores that are close to you, easy for you (and fans in India).

my concern is, our performance on the field.

the figures you put up has no value to me. Puma can give us 100m, if we don’t invest properly back on the team, the team is still shit.

you care the access on buying things, I care the number of wins of our team, and when we win more, win more trophies/titles, revenue will come eventually.

who is shortsighted? who is naïve? I don’t want to argue with you at all.


That is all together a different discussion you dumb fuck.


sorry, everything is correlated


MODS, can I file a formal complaint that this person keeps insulting me?


Brands are very important to Bayern/Real. Money is more important to us/Liverpool because they have much more of it to begin with. Simples.


Eh? In current market wherein clubs have to forge out 60-70m on a player, do you think clubs will forego 20-30m for branding?


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But next time you intend to discuss shirt sponsorship, stick with it; don’t fucking throw
’You care about shirts, i care about number of wins’ non sense.


I mentioned wins, because we discussed the amount of money we generated from Puma/sponsors and how much money we invested back to the team.



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And i clearly explained how Puma could generate similar revenue for us in different ways as opposed to Warriors’ lump sum amount.

You only took the accessibility part on surface value.


Oh well…Goodnight.

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