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pretty much what I always thought was the case.


I know nothing about the revenue from shirt sales, so I am not going to comment on this.

I want to say is, Arsenal fans are going to buy the jersey no matter who the sponsor is.
On the other hand, even if we stick with Puma, there won’t be a significant amount of people going to buy Arsenal jersey because of Puma.
I speak for myself, not others. I am an Adidas fan, only buy DFB/Bayern products as a German fan. I never bought any Real, United, Chelsea products even they are/were sponsored by Adidas.

Back to reality… if we put more good performances on the field and win something (more than FD Cups), sure there will be more fans to buy our products, doesn’t matter it is Puma or Warriors.
If we keep playing inconsistently and not able to win something, in the end the only group of people that will buy Arsenal products are still the core fans only.

Ask yourself, ask other hardcore Arsenal fans. If next season Warriors is our sponsor, will you buy a jersey at least?
The answer is yes, you will, we will, Arsenal fans will.


You meant to highlight this?

Let’s also assume that United’s royalty kicks in after three million
shirts are sold, and the club receive a 15% royalty on each subsequent
shirt sold. Assuming a price of £70 per shirt, that’s an additional £21
million in gross sales from 300,000 shirts. Manchester United’s cut of
that would be just over £3 million. Now, £3 million is certainly not an
insignificant amount, but it offsets less than 20% of what Ibrahimovic
will likely cost the club this season (wages, agent fee, signing bonus,
image rights deal).
So, at best, United are likely to see around £3 million in additional
revenue. While certainly not a paltry sum, it doesn’t come close to
covering his costs, let alone help United earn an additional £50
Read more: http://thesetpieces.com/features/transfer-window-myth-busting/#ixzz4Fj90gd7o

No need. I have long laughed at people who use to say ‘We can simply recoup the money spend on a player transfer from shirt sales’

The above myth is regarding a single player, and yet it came up with 3m revenue.
So in a way I should thank you, as you helped me solidify the 10m mark.

With entire merchandise, surely 10-15m is not off the mark.

The biggest take away should be below

United don’t even automatically receive the 10-15% industry-standard
royalty payment, no doubt because the up-front £75 million annual
payment is so large. United’s royalty payment only kicks in once a
certain number of shirts are sold.
Read more: http://thesetpieces.com/features/transfer-window-myth-busting/#ixzz4Fj9zZxSc

This is where every deal is set apart.
Whether Warrior has provided any royalty, Whether Puma has lesser cutoff for royalty.

These are the things fans don’t see.
They only see 30m from Puma as opposed to 60m from Warrior.


Again it’s matter of availability.

Here in India, Puma outlets are plenty but I have never heard/seen any Warrior outlet.
I don’t believe they have any retail OR online presence in India.

So even if i don’t care about brand & wish to purchase, I can’t get hold of the said brand.
If i order online, i will have to pay custom duty plus VAT, which would be stupid thing to do for a shirt.

Similarly, Like India there are several countries out there without Warrior outlets.

So would you as a club wish to allow sale in select countries or wish to extend globally?


Real Madrid’s store can be just next to my home, 10 seconds walking distance, does it mean I will buy their products?? No.

You can have thousands of stores in the world, but if the majority are not Arsenal fans, why would they buy?

Every big club has their histories, and we don’t have an advantage on this.
Nowadays to win fans, to get more new fans, you do it on the field, to win something, and something matters, something big, not by opening more convenient stores for people to buy your stuffs.
For existing and hardcore fans, you will buy, no matter the store is next to you, or you need to order it online.


Bloody hell, are you dense?

Answer me this-
If there is no way for me to purchase Arsenal shirt, how the fuck would i purchase Arsenal shirt?

Also Arsenal have plenty of fans across the globe.


If you want it and have money, you will get it, even the store is in North Pole.

You haven’t answered my question either…
If you are not an Arsenal fan, why would you buy even the store if just next to you?


That myth is only about a player recouping his transfer amount.

As i highlighted, even in their assumption, the club is making 3m; so the overall OVERALL revenue from margin over shirt sales(across all categories, with all the players) is completely possible to hit 10-15m.


Who the fuck is talking about non-Arsenal fans?
This is why you frustrate me. You bring elements which were never in the discussion.

When i am talking about Arsenal merchandise sale, I am obviously talking about 6 million plus worldwide Arsenal fans, who are willing to buy Arsenal shirts.


that’s my point Trion, I have said it.

If you are Arsenal fans, you will buy no matter what.

You open that many stores in the world NOT ONLY for the existing fans, but want to get more new ones, to get more market shares. But for existing fans, you will just buy. Online store, Ebay, anywhere.


You do realise that you are not only alienating millions of fans the access to shirt but also thousands of new fans the access as well.

You are completely shutting down my point that I have zero access to Warrior shirt in India & purchasing from North Pole (:confused:) would cost me arm & leg in taxes plus delivery.

Plus you are ignoring economic demograph. Not everyone can afford purchase from outside India. They would rather purchase a knock off.

Your point is neither servicing existing fans nor is it servicing potential new ones.
How the heck does that make any sense to you?

Ask yourself, Why is Liverpool only club to go for Warrior?
Why are Chelsea, City, Bayern, Barca not doing so, considering some of their deals are priced less?
Bayern earn 42m per season, around 18 less than Liverpool.


In the (potential) scenario outlined the 3m only comes into play AFTER they have sold above a pre agreed target. Companies like Adidas and Puma know exactly where to set thos targets so as to minimise additional outlay to the clubs. 10-15m is massive optimistic and, imo, even the 3m is also.


I don’t know how many Puma stores in the world, but I know it is not necessary to sell your merchandize only at Pumas.
You can put your merchandize at the local big convenient stores and sell from there.

We can find LA Dodgers, LA Angeles, LA Lakers merchandizes at Walmart, Target, K-Mart, Sports Chalet, Champs Sports, Big 5… etc. Their merchandizes are everywhere, not limited to just one brand and one store.

Why limit ourselves to just Puma stores? Sorry, I don’t understand your concept. There are hundreds and thousands more of people going to those convenient stores and shops than just Pumas.


If reading & understanding is not your strong asset, here are visual aids.

See how easily available Arsenal shirts are for me.
While all the Liverpool shirts are knockoffs.


Fair enough. I am not privy to that much detail.
But surely potential to meet those targets are easier with Puma than with Warriors.


Sell them in 7-11, it is more convenient, and cheaper, and close to your house.

When Liverpool start winning games under Klopp, our jerseys could be the knockoffs at that time.

By the way, thanks for your concern on my reading and understanding of English.


We don’t have 7-11, we don’t have Walmarts. There is a big world beyond America.
Try to expand your thinking. Don’t just assume every person in the world have access like you do.

That’s what Puma pays us for, or Adidas pays Madrid for or any brand pays a club for.
Exclusive rights to sale.

Arsenal do not have the right to sell the shirts in other outlets. It has to go via Puma.


Arsenal dont sell shirts. Puma do. Arsenal direct is just another shop they do it through.


That’s what i said.
please explain to ronnie.

It’s midnight here & I am tired explaining basics. How old is he?


Ronnies point is that its Pumas problem about how/where the shirts get sold so we should just go with whatever chumps offer us the most money. I agree.