Ivan Gazidis


The clubs motto is "Why spend money today, when we can not spend it in 3 years time ? "


What gets me about this lizard was this quote on the upcoming MLS all star game V Arsenal .
“It’ll be a great and slightly weird experience for me,” Gazidis said. “I’ll be watching two teams that I love and respect, and I’ll want them both to win.” . How the fuck can you love and respect an all star team thats consists of players from all clubs most of whom were schoolboys when Gazidis was in charge there . Hes slick, he’s rich, but hes a …fill in blanks


Gazidis was not part of a single club.

Rather He was member of founding team of MLS since 1994, and overlooked the progress of the ENTIRE LEAGUE for 14 years.
Surely you understand what he is getting at.


Yes I do and don’t call me Shirley !


Can Gazidis not ruin my irrational hysteria please?

Weirdly enough, it was Gazidis walking around the crowds two seasons ago saying we could afford to match the best teams in the world; what has changed?

I think, even for PR’s sake, that Gazidis does not speak in public about transfers…I’d rather be ignorant.


Yet more rubbish spouted from Gazidis. The guy is a fucking idiot and coming out now and saying we cant compete in the market is a joke when we have close to £300mill sitting in the bank. He was saying a few years back that we could now compete with the biggest clubs in the transfer market!

You just know the atmosphere is going to turn very poisionous very quickly if we dont get off to a good start


And that’s the truly sad part about all this. we could very well get off to a nightmare start and the mood will go from already foul to pure hatred and infighting again. the thing is, it’s easily avoided with a couple of bold signings which would give an instant moral boost, lift everyone’s spirits at the club and amongst the fans.

From the manager’s POV, could there be anything better than kicking off the new season in high spirits!?!


Yes, still having the £300mill in the bank, that would be much better!


To avoid all that with transfers, we need transfers before start of season.
I fear it will go down to last day and it would be too late by then.
Atmosphere around Arsenal will be very toxic by then; much like it was just before Ozil signing.


Yeah…i forgot we’re talking about Wenger here. the obvious doesn’t occur to him. from what i can see,his coveted top 4 spot could very well be in serious jeopardy if he fails to make the signings we need.

couldn’t agree more, it’s unfathomable why he does what he does, takes the risks that he does. we all know how smart he is, but as smart as he is- in the modern world of the transfer market he acts like a complete dumb-arse.


Its very much in jeopardy this season imo. Gazidis coming out with his pearls of wisdom dont help appease the fans either. We have been screaming out for a striker and CB for a couple of seasons now. Gazidis himself has said before that we will be able to compete in the transfer market. Now a few weeks before the season starts he comes out and says we cant compete? Its just a shambles from top to bottom and nothing is going to change in the near future, sadly


Have I missed something, why is everyone now saying our cash balance is 300mill? Wasn’t it like £170mill (ish) last time out?


As sad and as bad as it is to say…we might be better off if we slipped out of the top 4 for a season or 2. the pressure from the sponsors alone should be enough to get them to do the right thing. it’s obvious they don’t give a shit what the fans think or feel.

Besides, it’s not as if we go very far in the CL anyways.


It’s 228m pounds as per Feb’16.


I went a bit higher then i should of. Its about £225 mill. Thats still enough to be sitting in the bank though


When the Gazidis thread is the most popular one on the new forum you know Arsenal are having a great window.


Should be pretty obvious at this point what is going on. Ivan’s lack of media savvy doesn’t help either. Since the tone at Arsenal has changed from–stadium debt nearly complete and new sponsorship deals will allow Arsenal to compete in the transfer market to “we have to be careful, lest a mistake is made”–this is coming from the board/owner.

It would be better for people at Arsenal to simply not say anything at all.

While it has been time for Wenger to move on, the reality is that the new manager will be hamstrung as well by the board’s/owner’s goal of running a profit every year.


I posted about this in another thread. Take a look at the proposed lineup for Arsenal against Liverpool and Leicester. It will take a minor miracle for Arsenal to get points from those games with the team as is.

There isn’t a single club in the world that fancies itself amongst Europe’s elite that would sit still and start the first few weeks of the season with such a weakened lineup. Instead, Arsenal will try to low ball some clubs in desperate need in cash on deadline day.

How many points will Arsenal be behind the leaders at that point? Given the big moves all of Arsenal’s rivals have made, a poor start this season and any hope of a title challenge could be over before September is done.


And then people will bring bad signs/banners and every British person on this forum and in the blogosphere will get their panties in a bunch because they hate signs/banners with a passion…(I don’t really know why though…maybe it’s a British thing?) and use the signs as a reason for the fans to get behind the manager, not because the manager should be gotten behind but just because that’s the opposite of hanging banners/signs and having them seen on TV. Are the British above signs/banners? Why do the British loathe signs? I’m really interested in this phenomena…


They probably thought everyone supported Arsene the miracle worker when we said we were poor, people are starting to give up on him, so let’s say we’re poor again.

The frustrating thing about showing a public lack of ambition is it puts our players at risk. Ozil is worth 60m+ in this brave new world, but if we let him get down to his final year and he decides he wants to leave, we’ll be getting 25m for him. Then we’re stuck looking at 30m replacements for a 60m player and we’re losing money at the same time.