Ivan Gazidis


IMO this debate becomes moot if we changed our tactics, gained an interest in team defending, and had a state of the art fitness set up. We’re working on the last one but we’re well behind the leaders there. So once again, back to Wenger being a dipshit.


This bloke has no shame, what a fool he looks like when you compare his comments from 3 years ago to the comments he’s made in the last week. Reminds me of an ailing politician.


Nah, I am quite good at it. :sunglasses:
Think i won Troll of the year twice.

If i wish, I could troll the heck out of you till you beg me to stop; so be wary of what you say.

I see no wrong because i refuse to believe that a club should pay 40-50m to anyone for kicking a ball; and subsequently refuse to believe any fan should pay more than 50 dollars to watch a match.

That’s my fundamental thinking, which was there much before anyone can assume that i got brainwashed by the club.

Football can go mad but the real life where the football fans earn their salary is not moving that fast.
It will come back to bite the football fans in the arse(if it hasn’t already) in terms of ticket prices.

forgot that we’re actually a football club.

Interesting this.
Let me rephrase this.
We are a football club which needs a business model to sustain being a football club at the highest level.

The emotional picturisation of Arsenal being a football club & not a business, is naively touted as some dramatic reminder of what we should be doing; whilst completely forgetting that Arsenal is not the only club which works as a business.


Well if you had any; you’ve lost it.


How can one lose the past?
What a stupid statement!

Sigh, I shouldn’t expect any better from you.


I’ve defended policies and choices made of this club in the past and present.

Btw what present policy do you defend, @SDGooner?


Do you think any of us disagree with this? It is what it is though and we can either get on with it or just fucking fold or something.


As I said, Arsenal is capable of spending 30-40m on each of our shortcomings, which would amount to about 120m overall expenditure without selling anyone.

Everyone always forget that I am merely talking about 60,70,80m signing like Higuain or 250k wages in Mkhitaryan.

You guys don’t take that into consideration & jump on me as if i hold the checks.



Our revenue is high enough to cover it though. And your flaw is you have acknowledged that we need at least 3 of these players totaling 120m, but it’s years of neglect that has meant we need at least 3 of this kind of player which might actually cost 200m at 60-70m each.

If we’d been responsible and had a squad capable of competing and only really required one big signing per season then we could afford to be extravagant occasionally as Juventus just have been.

I would have been completely fine to sign no outfield players last season if our team was good enough. This window now is two years worth of window so we should be spending a lot to mean we don’t have to next year.


The club has to run smooth as hell to always have to make just couple of additions every season.

But football is unpredictable. Chambers & Gabriel didn’t develop as well so we still need a Center back.
Players retire or lose form or players purchased didn’t develop as well…plenty of reason where even of there was no neglect in the squad, we would still need additions.

And if those additions require 60-70m expenditure per player, that’s not something Arsenal could afford.

Granted much of this headache is our own creation but fans need to be a bit more considerate.

Juventus are able to make an extravagant signing because they are selling one of their players for similar amount, not because they can afford him on their own.


2, 3 seasons ago, some of us had already mentioned that.
Arteta, Per, Rosicky, Flamini were going to age and deteriorate.
Diaby, Jack, Ox were going to get major minutes on the treatment table.
Fans could see this and our manager/management could not and not well prepared for this?

Football is unpredictable, but nothing was guaranteed also when we purchased Chambers and Gabriel.
Theo played for Arsenal/Wenger for 10 years, and how much he has improved?

That’s why we have 2 windows per season, for teams to reinforce and reload.
What did Wenger/Gazidis/Arsenal do for the past several seasons??
One major signing and then stop. We had multiple windows to repair the cracks and replace the crooks, but we did not. We let the chances pass by, let the market inflates, and still playing the waiting game.
Who’s fault it is?

Well, I believe at Arsenal, nobody needs to responsible for anything.


That argument doesn’t take into consideration where the club did try to rectify the gaps but failed to land the player they targeted.

For example, Xhaka confirmed we approached him last season but apparently he wanted to stay one more season.

Going after Suarez, Vardy, Lacazette etc.

Rest of your post is just repeating what i said.


“We tried” is perhaps the worst excuse of all.


Entitled fans would take everything as an excuse.
Having no potential to provide leeway is why clubs don’t listen to fans.


Hahaha. Yea as a group of supporters Arsenal fans have shown no leeway whatsoever. :gunnersaurus:


When have we?
Been on this forum for 8 years now and I have never seen any leeway.

Just because there are no suicide bombs or riots outside Emirates, doesn’t mean Arsenal fans have been all lovey dovey.


What a weird thing to say.


How about this?

“Just because she lets you to fuck her, doesn’t mean she is not a nagging bitch”



Been plenty of leeway before last season. A lot of people are just losing more and more hope in the way everything’s been running.