Ivan Gazidis


@AbouCuellar being a WKB again. Typical hipster trolling behaviour.


Lulululul most fun reading I’ve had on OA for far too long :joy::joy: @AbouCuellar I actually agree with you tbf.


I think alot of the issue here is that Gazidis is from the school of American business where things are a lot more cut throat and there’s no room for sentiment. We are now Going to be run like a Liverpool or United, now he’s seen the last of the old school boys out the door. He talks a good talk but now he’s finally got control of the club on his head it should fall when everything fails.

I personally don’t like him, never have since he moved here and always had a feeling it might get end up in a bit of a power struggle between him and AW.


This doesn’t seem really compatible with having let Wenger malinger in the job for so long, does it?

At Liverpool and United the manager has a very important say in signings.