I fancy a Champions League run


Nominating this for Thread of the Year in OA Awards in December :wink:


This thread…


Brutal foresight :laughing:


Went gym at half time. Thought we were crap in the first half so I didn’t exactly expect anything out of the second; but when I saw the result afterwards I just cracked up. :joy: Arsenal are the biggest joke in this sport that’s undeniable. I’m ashamed to be a supporter of them these days I don’t care what any person thinks of that statement but that’s the truth. I’m way beyond caring about these shit cunts. Just haven’t got time to invest anything in something so pathetic and it’s just beneficial just to keep an arms length away from all this bollocks at this point. Wenger deserves every ounce of this humiliation and warrants zero sympathy. I admire Wenger greatly and he is an undisputed legend of Arsenal and English Football, but the term substandard is too kind a word for his qualities as a manager. He alone put the club in this position with his endless shit managerial decisions, he alone chose to not leave the club with dignity years ago and he alone should taste the fruit of his labour now. We are dog shit. Fuck off Arsenal for deteriorating into this.


can we remove this topic :frowning: