I fancy a Champions League run


How is it a fitting way to bow out?


In some ways it was probably better for Wenger that we were thrashed rather than came close to beating Bayern Munich.

It means that if he was thinking of staying then the decision to leave might have been more difficult.

With going out of the CL and recent performances being poor, his choice has been made a lot more obvious.


Well we’ve been fucking shit in Europe in recent years (most of Wenger’s time here to be fair), so being fucking shit this season is somewhat fitting innit.


This thread title makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

The last team to get past Ro16:


I’d take Diaby, Nasri, Rosicky and Arshavin over what we have now. They would have looked less out of place in yesterday’s game.


Clichy too. And TBH I wouldn’t even mind Song over Coquelin too.

And Sagna at that period was better than Bellerin is now too. So here’s another one for you.


Pretty sure Vermaelen was still a decent defender back then too. It’s scary and disappointing how after the ‘banter years’ are over the team we had during that time wasn’t a lot worse in certain positions than we have today.


36 yr old Sol ahead of Mustafi too after last night


I was being flippant, but pretty much what Jakey said

The idea of latter era Wenger suddenly riding off into the sunset with a CL title was always fairytale stuff at best. Getting walloped by one of Europe’s elite is far more reflective of our club


A fit Diaby would have been the best midfielder on the pitch, and i mean that sincerely.

What could have been… :frowning:


Makes me want to cry that the last time we got past the Round 16 I was also at the game on my 1st trip to Europe, feels like an eternity ago lol.


Judging by the considerable number of seats now going for the home leg, a lot of Arsenal regulars don’t fancy a CL run :smile:

Where’s that guy that was worried about not getting a ticket? :sunglasses:

I mean yeah it will end up still selling out, but an excellent opportunity for someone who missed out in the Red sale window to watch Wenger’s final European game in charge. I still can’t decide whether to ‘boycott’ this one myself.


Name your odds. Ain’t happening.


Ah, Diaby against Porto. The memories. :cry:

One of my all-time favourites on youtube. Always gets those emotions stirring. And that song choice is on point.

That assist to Nasri :open_mouth:


Today I was thinking about the team which trashed Barca, Milan, reached the quarter and the semifinals.

Sincerely, Eboue, Gallas, Clichy, Diaby, Song, Denilson, Sagna, Bendtner were not better players than the current players but they had a better football style, better organization, better motivations, better charisma, were united.


Stop it. Just stop it.


Honestly. Diaby was not human. He was something so so so different. A God amongst men.

Edit: @AbouCuellar

Man. What a player. Fuck.

Edit: what the fuck is actually going on with our club. What top club goes through this sort of shit. Nevermind Wenger and nevermind the trophy drought. Nevermind the embarrasing scorelines or the players that leave us for rivals.

Diaby. Ramsey. Wilshere. Eduardo. What the fuck have we as fans really been through. Its legitimately incredible what we have been put through. So much talent, lost. Forget Arsenal, Diaby was a special talent, the world really missed out

No wonder we are at eachothers throats all the time. :sleepy:


You know things are bad when you get nostalgic for another under acheiving Arsenal squad . Diaby when on song was great but he had a lot of shit games too.



This really has turned out to be one of my worst hopes/prediction threads ever :joy: :gabriel:

What’s happened to you Arsenal?