I fancy a Champions League run


Bayern are shit like us atm.


No Bayern are still top of the league so not like us. Bayern will also likely lift a level or 2 in CL as domestically it must get boring for them at times.


They are so bored of their league they have Leipzing breathing down their neck. Just go to a Bayern forum and read what they think about Ancelotti.


Bayern will win the League.


Of course, but they are not going through a great spell.


Agreed they aren’t close to the level of the previous 4 seasons, but I still can’t see us causing them too much trouble.


7 wins and a draw in the last 8 league games. Is everyone still stuck in November or where does the idea of them being on poor form even come from.


The way they play. They are unbeaten just because the Bundesliga doesn’t offer much competition.


Fortunately for them, neither do we


If we got a draw away it would be good. We can do it.


I guess we have a different definition of form then. Still I wouldn’t call their recent run really awful form as there are Bundesliga teams that will take points off them if it really was awful.


Yep, god knows what I was thinking about us doing something different for a change. We haven’t changed in years, no idea why anything would now. What a bunch of actual cunts.


Someone needs to give Wenger the football equivalent of Ferrel’s wooden gun until he learns some fucking responsibility.


Like a true cunt, I put money on us to win at work with some colleagues.


It didn’t.

@SRCJJ I admire the balls out position you consistently took with regards to this tie. God only knows what you were thinking though haha


Honestly mate, I completely expected us to remain disciplined and keep a good shape throughout. I thought after the first half we would do that but we completely imploded and I didn’t think that would happen. Wenger actually set us up well in terms of the shape in the first half. The only thing I didn’t like was Welbeck not starting and Xhaka being thrown into a game like this after a 3 game ban. But once the second went in we tried to win the game and that is shocking game management. We should have played for the 1-1 or taken the 2-1 loss.


Suppose it’s time we realise it’s not 2006 any more where we can perform like a different beast in Europe when our domestic performances have been dire. These days form and organisation won’t shift overnight. Realism won this one and pipe dreams should take a back seat once and for all.


Whats the bet we beat Bayern 3-0 at the Emirates?


Nah not this year. The game will be a low intensity affair with Bayern winning 2-1 IMO.


2-1 loss would’ve been a ‘good’ result, but that implosion was just unacceptable / unexplainable, surely not all down to Koscielny going off? :confused:

Even possibly if we’d stemmed it at 3-1, but then their 4th was bad luck with the deflection and the 5th just a total meltdown.

Wenger’s last European away tie at Arsenal quite possibly and in some ways a fitting way to bow out