I fancy a Champions League run


I fancy one to, the problem is it can feck up league form. It’d be nice though. So are we getting Real or Bayern?


That was the home tie. :slight_smile:


34% say winners. Top trolling lads :thumbsup:


Now that the draw has been made I can cast my vote, a Round of 16 exit a near certainty for a 7th straight campaign.


Until Chez got sent off we were in with a decent chance against Bayern. Even if we lose over two legs there’s still room for a good performance and a memorable tie, so that’s what I’m hoping for. A fully fit squad and a lot of effort from our boys :gunnersaurus:

I have no faith that we can win 4 rounds and claim the prize but for the sake of this club making some tangible progress we really could really do with winning this tie, even if we go straight out afterwards.


Member Ozils penalty miss?


We’re going straight the hell out. No delusions.


Not expecting grandeur here either. Positives: we have beaten them twice lately, and in games that mattered. Having Santi and Mustafi back will help tremendously (is Santi back by then?) We can clearly win it but obv. the odds are against us.


We’ll beat Bayern and go on a decent CL run this year which will make up for what will be a dire season domestically for us.


Going out without a trace. 2 0 loss out their and a goaless draw at home.
Compete to a degree but not enough.


Not expecting us to win but it would be nice if we still had a chance to go through after the first game. Absolutely sick of being 2 goals down after the first 90 minutes because of the team being stupidly incompetent.


I think we will be competitive to a certain degree but ultimately we won’t be progressing.


Just to lose another final.


That’s a bold prediction Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.


Why do I get the feeling I’m going to regret making this thread :bellerin::jakey:




Let’s focus on the F.A. Cup.


I’m looking forward to this Tie and much as I was the Chelsea game today.


Hope Bayern have been watching us this week. They must be running proper scared.

And yes, you’ll definitely regret making this thread :giroud:


Bayern are on awful run of form, tbf. Their supporters are literally furious with Ancelotti. We can do it.