I fancy a Champions League run


'member when we came top of our group 2 years ago and we drew Monaco? 'member how excited we got about finally drawing an easy team? 'member crashing out after a 3-1 loss as home to Monaco?

Ooooooooooh yeeaaaaahhh i 'member


Someone should really mention that we’re Arsenal and therefore doesn’t chuffing matter who we get.

Also… Fuck Denmark.


On our day we can beat anyone but on our day we can also lose to literally anyone


I want Bayer Leverkusen. Battle of the timid bastards.


We didn’t finish top two years ago Monaco did lol.

This is the first time since 2011/12 we have topped the group


So they did :joy: :joy:


Cech totally saves that final goal and we definitely win the cup #progress


Quarters maybe. We get exposed to easily in defence to ever be succesfull on this stage.


The likes of Simeone, Allegri, Ancelotti, Pep and the presence of Barcelona and Real should stop any notion of a strong run in this competition. Our manager was outdone by Jardim a couple years ago and sent Flamini on when 1-0 down to Barcelona last year so what does that really say.


Where there’s an Ozil, there’s a way. The odds are against us but stranger things have happened.


We could get to the quarters, even the semi finals at a VERY big push. Would ultimately rely on very nice draws, and us to perform at our very limit.


We would probably bottle it against them :bellerin: :coq:


Said we will win for banter but id just like to get past the last 16 for once lol.


Do you mean quarter finals?

Edit: Sorry read that wrong, you want to get past the last 16. Yeah that’s my dream too, lol. One step at a time.


The only teams I really fear are Barca, Atleti, Madrid and Bayern - and Bayern not in great form. Reckon we can do everyone else over two legs, including the English sides.


Yeah sorry m8 fucking autocorrect


Last 16 or Quarters. I’ll save my vote until after the draw :henry2:


Where’s the fun in saving your vote? Oh I’ll save mine until we get knocked out :gunnersaurus:


Bayern and Atletico aren’t as good as in recent seasons, and as for the other English teams Man City aren’t that great defensively and we were the only team to beat Leicester home and away last season.

But I agree, Barcelona and Real Madrid are difficult and they might have Bale back if we draw them.