Hull Thread


Nice appointment for Hull. Bad career move by Silva.



Interesting. Maybe he can pull something off.


Not sure where to put this, but if I remember rightly I saw someone mention it in the MDC yesterday.

Initially, Stelling tells Merson that Silva has good pedigree as the ex-Olympiakos and Sporting Lisbon manager. We’ll let the pair take over from there:

Merson: “I could win the league with Olympiakos. They’ve won it 107 times and it’s only been going 106 years.”
Paul Merson’s managerial career to date consists of a 94-game spell in charge of Walsall. He was appointed with the club in the Championship and he left them 19th in League One and with supporters protesting against his continued employment. No comment on the successful Sporting tenure or getting Estoril into the top flight and becoming the first manager in over five years to win a league game at Porto, you understand.

Merson: “The thing is, why does it always have to be a foreign manager? I’ve got nothing against foreign managers, but…”
But what? You just don’t want them at English football clubs? You don’t like them? Them getting jobs at English clubs makes you so angry you have to wipe spittle from your mouth?

Merson: “These ex-footballers are spending four or five years getting their badges, and what for? None of them are getting a chance.”
Ex-footballers like Mike Phelan, you mean? Who was given a chance by a little-known club called Hull City, completely failed and was quickly replaced?

Merson: “This is a good job. Hull are a good team, great stadium, some very good players.”
Clever this, from Merson. So now Silva is in charge Hull are a good team with very good players, and therefore if he fails it is his fault.

Weird then that Merson’s last ten Premier League predictions for Hull have seen them draw one game, lose nine and concede 25 goals. Not so good after all.

Merson: “What’s he know about the Premier League? What’s he know?”

I quoted most of what Merson said, but the article goes into great detail on what both Merson and Thompson went on to say.

Basically sums up everything wrong with the attitudes in English football, and shows in all its glory the idiocy of Paul Merson. I take his views with a pinch of salt when he’s talking about us, a club you’d expect him to have more articulated views on (the reality is somewhat different), but his views on other clubs and personal seem even more ridiculous.

Precisely why I absolutely detest Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports.


Haha I was watching this live in disbelief lol. Merson really made himself look an idiot. He literally is Mr Englander who thinks the PL is the be all and end all.

Hull should be lucky they have him. Not the other way around.


When asked which British manager Hull could get in, did Merson really suggest Thierry Henry? :henry2:

It’s staggering how this man is still paid to talk about football.


In a difrent interview on talk sport he did suggest Thierry Henry when asked what British manager should have been appointed

He is by far the stupidest pundit out their, makes Robby savage look decent!


Why is the level of punditry so incredibly low?


Paul Merson has been embarrassing in the public eye almost since the day he retired, I tend to ignore him and just try and create a distinction between the footballer that played for us and the complete divvy that you see on the Tv.


Superb news!


You beat to it again (but i posted in another thread :wilshere: ).


It’s “great” news that is alive yeah. But he could barely walk. Only walked his first step 5 days later. His family thought he would die. He had no short term memory. And he wants to quit football.


Don’t blame him. Hopefully the insurance pays out for him and makes that decision that bit easier.


Silva is a top manager.

Hull have looked really good since he’s came in.

They play us next. Can’t see us winning tbh


Hopefully they have already done enough against Manure and Liverpool.


Marco Silva is a good manager and will save Hull from the relegation. Since his sign, Hull look a different team, with a solid defense and a cynic attack. Thanks to his work, Ranocchia looks the new Fabio Cannavaro despite in Italy was the favourite victim of banters from FB pages.


Hull have done brilliantly to get this appointment at a time they desperately needed it. I wonder if those morons Merson and Thompson should retract their views they said about him and owe Silva an apology.


Merson has never stopped to drink whiskey. Probably Sky keep him because he is a banter-maker for the idiots on Twitter and Facebook.


Why are you surprised? The british media are very xenophobic.