Héctor Bellerin (24)


Whilst I agree with your post (i.e. that it’s perfectly normal for footballers to have hobbies and other interests), I think the criticism is that he is prioritising his “image” and so-called status in the fashion world above his football commitments.

That would be a fair comment to make if we knew this was true. But applying common sense, there is no way of knowing that he is actually prioritising his off the pitch activities. It’s all speculation based on him wearing fancy clothes and posing in random pictures.

Unless Luca is actually his barber and legitimately calls him a hair cunt for the number of times he has to cut Hector’s hair each week.


Yeah certain people are wired different ways. What you mention about Terry and Adams are more vices they had that may or may not have interfered with their careers, however among all else their hobby was football and that’s what they were passionate for. Drinking and fucking aren’t hobbies lol.

Bellerin wouldn’t be the first athlete ever who was born with physical ability but had things that interested him more in life than a sport, ultimately stunting his growth and preventing him from being the very best version of an athlete that he could be. In fact a lot of times those types of athletes use their platform of being a famous athlete to spring board their career in whatever they are truly passionate about. I get that feeling from Bellerin.


These posts are ridiculous @Arsenal4thetreble

Drinking isn’t detrimental to your game? Being all over the newspapers for being a disloyal shagger isn’t detrimental to your game?

Criticism of Bellerin’s interest in fashion is detrimental to his trust in the fanbase.

A lack of competition, tactics that demand too much of him and our overall one-dimensional attacking strategy is the problem, not the colour of his jeans.


Yeah I don’t buy any of that.

He gets dressed in the morning like the rest of us, he just happens to put on clothes that some people find offensive. And he goes to a few fashion shows every now and then. Big fucking deal.

Like I said, i’m not defending Bellerin’s performances. I’m just disputing the argument that his fashion sense/interest is to blame.


This is a brilliant picture :joy:


Hector has always been massively overrated. His lukwarm performances have nothing to do with his outside interests. He’s just very average


Give him a like then you tight bastard


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