Héctor Bellerin (24)


It’s photoshopped no?


I had hoped the same but Stuart MacFarlane tweeted a front and back shot of it


I want my Hector back :disappointed:


We could have the next Beckham on our hands here. Death by a thousand hairstyles.


I really thought it was going to be old Hector :frowning:


Fucking hell Hector


Seen 12 new replies on this thread. Wondered what it was.

Its a discussion about his new hair. ffs lol


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New trim…

Stick to the Football Hector.:bellerin:


Ha! The guy in your avatar wore a pubic patch on his head–he wins for worse haircut ever.:arteta:


You can take the boy away from cataluña but you can’t take the Catalan out of the boy.




Haha Hector got proper done.


a lot of rumors about Valverde wanting him for his barcelona rebuiding. we’re not gonna loose him right?


Well he just signed a six year plus deal in November so if they want him they’ll have to pay an insane amount. We have all the leverage


Seems like there’s more rumours about Barce wanting Bellerin. If they’re willing to splash £50m I’d let him go and give Chamberlain the RWB slot.


Wenger has been Arsenal manager for 21 years and the RWB slot has been a thing for something like 8 weeks. I wouldn’t bank on it sticking around for the longer term or at least long enough that we’re making important squad decisions based entirely on it.

I did prefer Ox to Bellerin as a RWB though.


Traditional annual swap deal rumour. Turan-Bellerin this year.


Can see it now… “sell him for a shed-load, we got Ox now!”


I’d be open to keeping Ox he’s shown he’s got heart and has some versatility, however, selling Bellerin and keeping him is nonsensical.

With that said got to say that Wenger does teach players one thing and that’s how to blag a juicy contract.

Put in A String of Decent Performances and Get A New Deal. 7th Edition - by Arsene Wenger foreword by Theo ‘Peter Pan’ Walcott.


Transitioned into a wannabe boy band member