Héctor Bellerin (24)


@AbouCuellar rally the troops.


I remember his good performances because he did played some good games when Poldi was playing.


Yeah people really forget that this guy only churned out a handful of impressive performances for us. I like him and think he was a good player but he’s become heavily overrated by Arsenal fans who seem to think he was a lot better for us than he actually was. I have no doubt that he had potential to be a top midfielder for us but aside from the odd memorable game here and there he was by and large a very frustrating player to watch.


I blame his new hairstyle :bellerin:


Hector has been absolute garbage since November sadly.


Its typical of lack of coaching that happens on a regular basis with Wenger now.
Bad habits not being addressed leading to becoming part of said players game.


Bellerin issues were never ‘bad habits’ The guy is a converted right winger, he’s always been a poor defender doubt that changes much with another manager when he justifies his presence in the XI through his offensive qualities.

Lack of competition is an issue too plus the fact he’s been massively overrated by many because of his prominence. In any case Hector loves Wenger and realises how much of his growth Wenger is responsible for


Gary Neville was a converted winger. Any player playing 8n that position should know about being goalside of his marker.
Gets caught out on this far to often. Not getting pulled about it becomes a bad habit and part of his game.


ehhh, he’s been converted long enough and defensively is probably the better part of his game at the moment. The ‘converted winger’ thing is played up too much with Bellerín, he’s definitively a RB and was never going to be anything else at a high level.

What’s been most disappointing is how poor he’s been offensively and with the ball. He looks nothing like the player he did when he first came into the team. Seems to have lost all confidence and quality with the ball and in decision making.


Another talented player left unprepared for modern top flight football under the wing of the old professor. Nothing new.


Very good…for Newcastle.


Maybe he’s just got too comfortable in that position, Jenkinson/Debuchy haven’t been viable competition since forever


He doesn’t look fit tbh - having no viable RB alternative has hurt his development big time this season IMO. One of the key reasons I want this shit show of a football year to end.


Am I the only to think about the another bad performance?


I think it’s worth adding the words ‘a very, very, very, small minority’ before Arsenal in that sentence.


He was nothing special at all.



Deserves that for the pathetic last 5 months of performances.


I’d rather have Jenks to start… he is not good enough, we know and he knows… he never pretends he is good.
Expectation management 101, we know what we get from Jenks.


Nah I wouldn’t go that far, I’m annoyed at Bellerin but Jenks is simply lower league standard.