Héctor Bellerin (24)


Genuine question, do Barca give 22 year old fullbacks £100k deals? I don’t think Alba is on that much, even after signing an extension. Will they make an exception for a prodigal son?

There’s no way we lose him this summer though.

They were after Cesc for ages before we caved in.


If he does leave, at least Barcelona won’t get him on the cheap like most of the other decent players we supply to them.


It’s a good point, very expensive wages and a quite a raw player in terms of technique and positioning. They’d have to pay 40m and match his wages and probably can’t finance it with MSNs wages on their books.


Barca is almost like that “better” ex-boy/girlfriend that Hector grew up with. As time went on they grew apart, went their seperate ways, Hector found someone else in Arsenal. Then, all of a sudden as it out of nowhere, young Hector’s balls drop, they start growing, he’s looking good… real good. He has a big smile on his face and all these other pretty clubs have noticed that, and they are like “Wow! Looking at that handsome young man go! I need him in me… NOW!”. However Arsenal and Hector look happy together. But then Barca pushes through the crowd, with it’s awesome boobs and/or massive cock (whichever you prefer, or both), as if just destroying the smaller, less-significant clubs dreams to ever have Hector even look in their general direction, and says “I used to have Hector in me a long time ago, I want him in me again”. Hector’s like “Barca, it’s been so long… I’m with Arsenal now”.“Hahaha, don’t be silly Hector. You know I am the superior club. I can bear you many cups. Come back to me. I still love you”.

“Fuck off Barca, you slut.” - is what I’m hoping he says.


Yeah, even because she didn’t rate him at all when he was younger. Fuck that bitch.


Well that’s not true.


“Més que un cock”


Trion thread all over again here.


According to SER in Spain, young Hector met with Barca’s sporting director in London today.


Barca puta cabron! :bellerin: Get your dirty hands off him!


is that allowed?


Needs a trim.


Don’t you like his new hairstyle? :giroud:


Of course, he can have dinner with whoever he wants. Just as long as they don’t discuss him moving to Barca. :gunnersaurus:


I did at first, but it’s too long now and his form dropped as a result.


Did he drop his form too much, or Leroy Sane is too speedy for him to catch up?


Hector needs to revert back to number 39. He’s seemingly inherited the last person who was number 24 performances.


:thinking: wut


Diaby never had performance issue… but health issues.
When he was fit to play, he was good, TBF.


Clearly the long absence of Diaby not playing competitive football has clouded some memories of him.

Even when he was relatively fit back round 08-11, he only ever really had one or two decent spells for us. But I remember many times before he became injury prone of plenty of OA members saying back then he wasn’t that great. Not bad, but not amazing.

Yes the injuries no doubt riddled his chance of ever making a proper career like he perhaps could’ve, but honestly, he never had long enough form to sustain any proper importance here. Plus his stupid red card against Newcastle in 2011 led to our total collapse to the infamous 4-4 draw.

Edit: @Oliver . @AbouCuellar can write up a Brady est presentation for all he likes, but he only joined OA end of 2012 when Diaby’s best days with us were done, but it really was a case back then people got on his back loads before he became injury prone lol. Shame the old thread is gone now so I could show what I mean.