Héctor Bellerin (24)


Has apparently said that if Barcelona came in for him it would be “special” for him.


Then at this point it would be special for me as well. Fuck off then thank you very much.


This fucking “Barca DNA” shit is still haunting us…


Hate him already, the shit-haired buffoon.


Good thing he signed a 6 year contract in November then, the muppet


Shouldda figured it out sooner, he is growing his hair in the spanish way so he can grease it up and put that hairband in their and run around in the sun…soon we will be hearing about seistas and how their ice cream is better!


He’s not said anything wrong tbf


i dont see any problem here. He explains its special because its where he started and grew up.




I’m surprised that you don’t have a problem with this part:

Bellerin also speaks about Arsene Wenger and how he has a special attachment to the manager who gave him his chance at Arsenal.

The loyalty I have to him is worth more than money,” he said. “It’s very important for me, the fact that he is there carries a lot of weight for me.”


why would I have a problem with that lol?


Strong loyalty to the manager (!), publicly backing him. Just one of those pieces that will ultimately have Wenger sign a new contract.

But I guess it’s only worth highlighting when it’s Giroud saying such comments :wink:


I only posted that Giroud reply so I could say that it’ll be a journey alright lol. Don’t really care what the players think tbh.

They think entirely different from the fans.


Well then he’s come to the right place to get his real club a great deal on a PL experienced RB. Let’s give them the Cesc “I want to go home” price for sure.


There was an article today on ESPN quoting a Barca director about what a great player Bellerin is. I think the charm offensive is going to be in full force this summer.

I’m resigned to losing one or both of Alexis and Ozil but if the club can’t find a way to dig in and keep a player who just signed a six year contract in November it’s going to be a big disappointment.


Because of the six year contract and him being young, the ball is firmly in our court. We could effectively put him back in the U21 for another few years.

I know I would of he started piping up.


“You can’t call yourself a big club if you sell your best players” :hipster:


Read between the lines on this.


If I’m Barcelona I’m looking elsewhere tbh. Not just because I don’t want to lose Bellerin, but I think he isn’t refined enough for the top level. I don’t know if he ever will be either.


You have to feel with more direction and experience, he is on his way to the top. I am absolutely terrified that he will stagnate like some of our other promising players but he could be a top RB if cultivated correctly imho.