Héctor Bellerin (24)


BUT WHY, these guys are fucking multimillionaires supposedly playing the game they love. I would be running around like a man possessed if i got paid so much for doing something i love, why the FUCK do they always say these things and never deliver.

Its embarassing for the club they are outing themselves to the media and just basically constantly saying ‘yeah we didnt bother as much as we should have, but hopefully sometime soon hopefully the next match we will put it right.’ Only to then go on and say the same shit again 2 weeks later…just fuck off with it already and do your fucking jobs people on 12k a year get fucking fired if they dont put all of their effort into their jobs but these fucking pricks give 25% get paid millions and mug us all off and it is just a flippant ‘yeah we will try harder next time hopefully’


Last time it was Koscielny that said it, Bellerin this time with the nicely drilled stock response.

Like manager, like player :sunglasses:


Been shit since the alice band appeared…TY :facepalm:


I’m pretty sure the media department has these articles stockpiled for years to come. They all sound the same and all will have the same message. Same thing with us being able to win the league, etc etc. What an absolute waste of time reading them these days.


Use to be the BFG on twitter till he stopped playing.


Heavily rely on his speed to defend, and contribute nothing on the attacking side.
Pethatic crosser.


The more time he spends under this wank manager the less he will fulfill his massive potential.


Classic OA


I think he’s going to be a great attacking full back but I’d like to see him work on his defensive positioning. His recovery pace is useless when he’s caught out in the box time and time again.


hes quick - thats about it

honestly dont see much else from him

he cant defend
mightsound harsh just dont see it


There’s little doubt that he can be great.

This isn’t an ideal atmosphere to hone one’s defensive acumen though.


He did well enough the first season when he was thrown in the deep end. There is something off with this club, it is as if the players feel they have made it then stop doing their jobs. Look at Coq when he first came and he wanted the fans and Wenger to trust him to look at the performances and people were saying hey look he can be the missing part of the puzzle we have not had such a player since Gilberto etc and henry was calling him the detective sniffing out trouble and snuffing it out and we were all like wooooooooow we have missed a player like him.

A season later now that he has ‘made it’ he is fucking wank…Bellerin, when he was in his stride, was like woooooow best in te league a top draw player that Barca will regret selling, now he has a new contract fucking shocking. Ozil when he came nearly busted the assist record in his first season, now fucking shit and a liability and always off ‘sick’ this is more than the players we have some fucking top draw players in our squad they all cant be shit, I pretty much guarantee under a new manager a manager that will kick them in the bollocks for being slack useless motherfuckers or threaten to sell of bench them you watch the motherfuckers work. As I say I feel we have a ‘player power’ situation here also but the players are too fucking sly to do it so openly they are being a bit more insidious about it…all the media soundbites are ‘get off wengers back we let him down’ but they do better next match then are 3x worse than before a few days later…how can it be that you can perform so much better then the worst we have ever seen in 1 week…nah man these players are being fucking cunts!


^^^ This.

I believe he has the talent to be a better player and a better defender, but right now, there is nothing to brag about him except his speed. That’s it.


think some ealrier hit the nail on the head

had a cracking first season - world beater

soon as he signs a new deal just gone of the boil

it doesnt help when we dont really have a second right back who can compete will bellerin - if he plays bad or goo dhe will always play as we dont really have a full time right back who we trust be a first teamer


Don’t know what Wenger was thinking…

Debuchy, Jenks, Gabriel, Chambers… none can really challenge Bellerin, even when he is not in good form.

Same on our left side.


He did go after Sidibe tbf…


AC, I think we are all tired to talk about whom Wenger intended to buy… and then his long miss out list (whatever reason)…


Until he finds someone who can teach him how to defend properly, he won’t step up completely.


Sure, just saying, and it was confirmed by Sidibe.


He gave the club mandated apology to the fans.

All joking aside it must be really hard for a young player like Bellerin. He should be learning the fine points of playing RB from a manager or coach and the fine points of being a professional from senior players. Instead he just coughed up five goals at home and got booed off the pitch.

I wonder if he’ll agitate for a move this summer. Barca are going to have a new coach and the cules were all grumpy because a few weeks ago their starting XI only had one Spaniard in it.