Héctor Bellerin (2)


He hasn’t been called up for Spain so he has the whole summer to focus on Arsenal and maybe finally improve.


there are many reasons


He doesn’t have good dribbling skills

He doesn’t have good ball control, so he can only use his speed on the defensive end.

He can’t shoot

He can’t cross

He can’t make decisive and incisive passing on the final third

He doesn’t have the courage and abilities to beat the defender one on one

He may have the speed of Bale but no more.



Had to post here as well because :arteta:


This is before the race started on the grid. Being ignored again lel :joy::joy:


Hector getting cucked by the don that is Martin Brundle :arteta:


I didn’t see a fucking pie.


Lol! Guess he doesn’t love football :mustafi: