Héctor Bellerin (2)


If we don’t make CL I heard we are going to sell Ramsey and Bellerin to help fund Sven’s total rebuild of the squad. Numbers being thrown around are a 70m budget without CL, plus the money from Bellerin and Ramsey sales. So maybe about 150m for Sven to do his thing. I’d be fine with that.

Y tho? We’ve spent about 4th and we probably finish on average…4th. This year and last being shittier than usual.


We’ve probably spent 3rd these past few seasons


Someone’s reading too much twitter. :grimacing:


Pray to the gods we sell them with CL-football too :pray:.


If we could find a better player for less money I wouldn’t be against replacing him (and similar for Ramsey tbh) but as always it’s an if.

The only thing that makes me a bit hesitant with Hector is he feels to me like he’s “a bit Arsenal” in a way that players like Lee Dixon were a bit Arsenal despite being from the north. It may just be me making that up, but that’s something I think that adds a bit of value to him an as Arsenal player rather than just him as a footballer.


No shit that’s where most of these rumors come from, isn’t it?




What does it add exactly :grinning:? You like him in the shirt or something like that.


I definitely do – or out of it :laughing:



Fashion boy at it again :facepalm:


Nice jumper Hector.


Fuck off! I dress better :kos2:


*Boys. And girl.


Cut the two on the end off and you have an uber-cool boy band. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh would absolutely love them! Hector and the Pufferfish!


This thread is a bit of a mess lately.

Bellerin should not be sold in any circumstances.

Also the hate he gets for what he wants to wear is pathetic tbh.


Sorry, this is really shit dressing…
Not because you are a “celebrity” you will automatically dress good.

For example, you are standing next to a bunch of people who are taller than you, don’t dress oversize and it makes you look even smaller.

Talk about fashion …


Especially when the majority of people that roast Bellerin for his dress sense wear boot cuts!!

That jumper genuinely is nice imo



Luca your just embarrassing yourself with this ridiculous vendetta against Hector’s clothing.