Héctor Bellerin (2)


It’s not unfortunate to lose Bellerin for 50 million. Even if it’s to Manchester United.


Why? We really shouldn’t care for sentiment at this point imo. We should focus on the club; acquire talent and replace Wenger go from there. With 50 million pounds you can buy a player who has the same potential as Bellerin and half of the next centre back could be financed for this amount.


I more meant the idea of selling to United – who should be considered our rivals is unforgivable.

And only £50m for a 24 year old player with a high ceiling and with 5 years left on his contract?! In today’s market? Seriously?!

Perhaps i’m in the minority, but I find the idea of giving a rival that kind of player for a knockoff price absolutely ludicrous.

We should definitely keep him.


Exactly that is what I meant with sentiment; the rival thing :sweat_smile:. This move can really improve us tbh. Bellerin is not that good.

Which defenders went for more: Laporte and van Dijk? It’s about what Mendy and Walker went for with the Manchester City-tax. Seems in line with the market.


It’s not just sentiment. I rate him. The idea of not selling a player with years ahead of him, a player who hasn’t yet reached his prime, to a rival is just common sense IMO.

I don’t see how us selling him in the bargain aisle of Lidl will improve us tbh, it’s not like we’re brimming with talent in that position. Even if we wanted to replace half our team, that will not happen all at once – he should be one of last players we look to offload. He is young and will improve. There are more important positions on the pitch we need to focus on.

Like I said, I actually think he should be one of the ones we look at and think OK, we have a guy here who has shown a lot of talent in the past, let’s see what more we can get out of him. Until we do that under a new manager and see what we have, I don’t see the need to sell him.

Besides, United won’t be the only suitors so there is no excuse to sell to them.


He wouldn’t be sold in the bargain aisle of Lidl. Van Dijk, Laporte and Mendy are the only three defenders who would have been more expensive, ever. Bellerin might be a good player, but he is not of the level that he’s irreplaceable or his transfer should be ruled out. This squad is full of those. There is no need to sell him, but there also isn’t any reason to keep him if 50 million is offered.

A club like Juventus is never going to pay 50 million pounds and Barcelona just bought Semedo.


Bellerin’s one of our few prized assets when marketability is taken into consideration. Selling him for 50 mill when his contract runs to 2023 and he’s unlikely to ‘do a Mahrez’ is the stuff of madness I tell you

That said, wouldn’t surprise me if his preference were to leave this summer. Perfect time to jump ship now, Europa league win or no Europa league win


I’m not sure what this means.


Me neither it just sounded good so i went with it :speak_no_evil:

Nah I just mean if you combine his age with the fact his value is protected for another few seasons before his contract enters rundown territory, there is just no way we should be entertaining the idea of £50m from a cash rich Premier League rival.


I don’t think Bellerin has any higher ceiling than what he is displaying.


It seems over the last ten years we’ve only had overrated players lacking any real talent while all the players in the teams above us are just better than ours ability wise and mentally and that’s that. All our young talent just happens to be shite. All our big signings just happen to be shite. And it would have worked out fine had we signed who they signed.

No chance our lot over the last ten years are underperforming because of the bloke in the dug out.


But we’ve seen better performances from him in the past. And even now he shows glmpses of what he is capable of.

And we should at least find out what more he has before we ship him off. I don’t think he is being coached properly and that’s why I want to see him under someone else to see whether that is really the case. I agree with @hassassin that it can’t be the case with all our players, but I refuse to believe that none of them will improve under different management. As we’ve seen with other managers in the PL and elsewhere, a new coach with new ideas can provoke a big difference in performances.


Let’s put it in this way: if we can find a better player than him for a good price we have to sell him, otherwise not.


He can perform better than he is doing now but in terms of ceiling, I don’t think there is much to look forward to.
His technical ability can’t be impacted by system, that’s an individual thing.


Perhaps not, though I personally think there is more to come. But my original point was, he has 5 years left on his contract so we have a bit of time to find out. We don’t need to sell him yet – and neither should we – especially not to a rival. If it doesn’t work out under a new manager then so be it.


^^^^ THIS

I always say about this… if you are good, by the age of 19-21, you should have shown your technical abilities already. There are not really that many “late bloomers” in reality. If you can’t cross and shoot, probably you will be just an okay crosser and shooter when you are 27-28 after gaining a few more years of experience.

However, he is just 23 and tied to a long contract, we are in NO RUSH to sell him; UNLESS we lock down a better RB, another one that has more potential individually and potential to blossom on this team.
No need to sell now.


Ive never been impressed with him as a defender and he is a liability at times. Accident waiting to happen and does regularly. Wont improve under Wenger, so unless he moves a side id cash in.


Damn Trion and A4tt just got destroyed. :open_mouth:


How? I have only commented about his ceiling


Think you’ve missed the force of his comment, Trioncito.