Héctor Bellerin (2)


I wear Tommy Hilfinger, Ralph Lauren and Gant, tbh.


Hilfiger you mean, dont think he has ever had finger in his name


Luca you mug, you’ve been buying knock offs!!


Yeah, my bad.


I apologize.




yeah, perfume/cologne and a lot of stuffs too…


Luca is rich. Buy arsenal Luca and sack Wenger


I am fat/overweight, can’t wear Armani. Armani is for slim.
Hugo Boss more fore Average Joe and bigger size people like me.

Farragamo is too expensive, and RL is too casual.


I am gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse :kos2: :henry2:


Luca & Sham in this thread :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Oh Luca, you adorable fuck



With the ease with which the media gathers smoke, I can definitely believe that there isn’t enough for there to be a fire.


Mourinho really needs to fuck off our players ffs.


Alexis was a special case (and RVP too, in terms of contracts expiring), but if our club sells a player with 5 years left on his contract to Man United then they can fuck off. That would be unforgivable.

Just can’t see it happening though. We need to keep Bellerin around until a new manager comes in, see what more we can get out of him. Personally, I think if we’re looking to rebuild then perhaps he is one of the players we should build the team around.


Swap him with Shaw and i am happy with it.




not handsome enough for you huh?


He is still young and Mourinho has destroyed his confidence, the fucking cunt.


Bellerin is still young! Luke Shaw has had problems with other managers too (so perhaps he is part of the problem) and his stock is low at the moment – no way is he anywhere close to being on par with Bellerin!

Oh and Shaw is out of contract this summer. So yeah, an altogether stupid idea.