Héctor Bellerin (2)


His massive ego is only matched by his shit fashion sense.


Does Bellerin have a big ego? He’s never come across that way to me.

Sure Bellerin makes mistakes (who doesn’t in our team?!) but I think the criticism of him is harsh. He’s often running that right side on his own and being left exposed by our midfield. I hate the way some of our fans seem intent on pushing him out – and how they use his fashion sense as a reason to bash his on field performances. What has what he wears got to do with anything?!

I think he has so much more to offer and we need to see him under a different manager. I still have faith that he could become a top player – maybe not world class, but close to it at least.


I mean Luca took Ospina being the dressing room DJ as a reason to criticize the mentality.at the club and he’s been spamming the fashion sense line ad nauseam in the last 80 or so posts, so there really isn’t too much to it.

That’s not saying his fashion sense isn’t terrible and that he isn’t a very mediocre player right now with some underwhelming technique but the reasoning for the most part has been lacking.


You’re always swooping in to his rescue haha, sure he’s been let down by coaching and everyone makes mistakes but honestly of

I’d expect more at this stage in his career with this much football under his belt in terms of his attacking play in particular.

He’s blunt in attack as well as defence these days, hopefully a new manager comes in and reforms him but there’s also the chance he won’t be as good as some thought he would be regardless. Well, at least here anyway.


What benefit would there be to Arsenal in letting a talent like him go with new management seemingly around the corner?

Whatever he’s producing now he’s still clearly a terrific raw talent that just needs a guiding hand. A genuine high calibre coach.

You can boil down the vast majority of our team’s poverty to absolutely wank coaching.

The only one party benefitting from his departure is him when he gets a more professional development environment to get the best out of his talent.


I agree.
He is like a lot of our players, being held back by poor coaching.
When a new manager comes in I expect him, as well as a few other under performing players under Wenger, to start playing to their potential.


I just said he looks more focused on fashion than football.


What kind of soccer skills look like he will “improve” much under a new manager?
Crossing? Shooting? Tackling? Heading? Passing?

Defensive/offensive positioning, yes, I believe he will, but other than that…


Someone has to. He doesn’t get much love on here nowadays :bellerin:


You said soccer. Opinion invalid.


Good catch!!!
We use our hands to play football here though~~~~


About 2 dozen times…


I used to be a “Kyle Walker is shit” wanker, so there can be hope for Bezza under an actual coach.



Don’t ever call him that again


It’s crazy to think Bellerin was better at 19 than 22. A new progressive manager would revive him


We need to purge all of our pre summer ‘17 signings imo.



Typical Wenger. Always play a player through injury.


Legend thing to do. Really don’t get the hate this guy gets from certain fans.


Good PR tbf