Héctor Bellerin (2)


At the age of 21, 22…basically a player has already established most of his skills… Shooting, passing, crossing, tackling, dribbling, and goal keeping.
As his career moves on his vision, timing, decision making will improve also.
A veteran may have most some speed, strength and stamina, but the experience compensates.

I have asked several times on this site… If there is any famous footballer that had shit/not well developed skills at the age of 21, 22, but suddenly improve significantly at 25, 26 or after???

If your skills are not good at 21, basically you are who you are for the rest of your career.


I couldn’t give a toss about his interests in fashion or whatever hobbies he wants to do outside of football, that is up to him and he can do whatever he pleases.
I do however give a toss about him being a better player when he was 19/20 than he is now, he can’t cross doesn’t know how to position himself defensively & has lost that confidence to take on the game he had when he first broke onto the scene.


The criticism of Hector’s love of fashion is farcical. It’s not impacting on his football - that’s Wenger and our shambles of a coaching staff.


Exactly. Bellerin is already old enough to tell what type of player he is. Bang average.


I don’t think it matters what he does off the pitch and I trust his integrity to continue putting his football first.

I do however see him as the perfect example of a player who is coasting at the moment. I don’t think for one minute he believes in Wenger anymore, he’s now one of our longest serving players and might benefit the most from a managerial shake-up, with new coaching and pressure on his place in the team



aaawwww you’re no fun!! :henry2:




If we’re getting a new manager: keep

If we’re keeping Wenger: sell


If I was him I wouldn’t think twice about it. Either that or watch his career stagnate here.


He’s a big talent and that hasn’t just gone away over the space of a few months. Selling him would be a further step back and delay more time before this club is back at the top, basically.

From Bellerin’s point of view yes, good time to jump ship


Gucci guy. He can leave. Who gives a fuck about him.


Would only sell for a fee similar to the £53m City paid for Kyle Walker.


Don’t see Juve offering the kind of money we’d want


Juventus won’t pay a transfer fee to reflect his talent, age, potential ceiling AND the fact he’s not even close to running out his contract.


Only need one change and that’s the fucking manager.

Look at what kind of shambolic air he has the club under.
I remember he said he would leave if this kind of stuff started happening.


Not that I hate him, but I prefer a more proper RB.
I even wanted Debuchy to start ahead of him.

If we can sell for a good price, why not?
Raw speed is useless, if you don’t know how to use it (or not able to combine with other skill set).


Angry at Wenger for being dropped close to the match vs Brighton and has asked to leave the club, the Daily Fail gleefully reports




Bellerin is a decent player, but his massive ego is only matched by Wenger’s.