Héctor Bellerin (2)


Learn it, fashion kid.


Why is this fashion thing constantly thrown at Bellerin?

Yeah I think he looks a state most of the time, but I have absolutely nothing against footballers having hobbies. Are they supposed to be trying to break the Keepy-uppy record in their back garden during every free moment?

Bellerin has been rubbish because he isn’t being coached well, not because he sat on the FROW at London Fashion Week!


Because his main job is a footballer.
You can have a 1000 hobbies and part time if you do your main and full time job good.

By the way, Jack is willing to acknowledge the fans, I appreciate it.


We don’t want fucking pussies in our team, but players who would die for the shirt.


But my point is, him not doing his job well has nothing to do with him liking fashion. If he didn’t like fashion, he’d still be lacking defensive coaching.


Well we can’t call him a spanish cunt anymore, or bring up paella in any way, so we gotta come up with new and inventive ways of zinging our players, duhh.


Wenger and the coaching team can’t be immune to criticism, but as a youth player, you play with a team that is full of international players, by default he should have visible improvement on different areas… Movement, defensive positioning, passing, crossing, tackle… Coaches won’t show you how to tackle or cross, but you have to practice hard and learn through real games.
Since his rookie season, which area did he really improve??
There is coaching problem but he has to take his own on his shoulders.


Erm OK… so which part of that is Gucci’s fault?


It is not Gucci’s, it is his own.
Get the job (main) done first, then do others.


Claude respons to fucking Bellerin.


So, what, until he starts playing well, instead of having a life, he should sit at home on the step and think about his actions during his spare time?

All footballers have other interests, it’s allowed. Seriously, I refuse to believe that Bellerin going to a fashion show or doing a photo shoot every now and again has any impact on his performance! And I firmly believe, that under a coach who actually puts defending into his training plan, Bellerin will flourish, no matter what outfit he wore the previous weekend.


The fact is that he looks cocky. Compare him when he broke into the first team to now. He has clearly focused himself on other things.


Hope we sell him in the summer. We can still get 40 mil for him.


Why do you want to sell him?


Just like Jack said, fans have every single right to criticize.
Yes, Bellerin can do whatever he wants, but he can’t get his job done on the field, sorry, criticism will come.

If you train 6 hours per day and still shit, then train 8 hours. If 8 hours is not enough, then 10.
If you train till you can’t get up, and still play like shit…you know what I’m going to say next.


Because we can still get good money for him, despite him being utter shit. Don’t believe he can become a good player for us with this shit attitude.


So you think players should run themselves into the ground during training then? Until they’re injured/too tired to play the actual games?

Odd technique.

There is a good player inside Hector, we’ve seen it before. But if he isn’t being coached well then no amount of hours spent on the training ground is going to bring that player back.

He’ll still be playing in a team under a manager with shit tactics. A manager who can’t even motivate his players to run in a cup final! Wenger probably wouldn’t even be able to motivate me to have sex with Justin Timberlake!

The main thing holding Bellerin back is not his wardrobe, but his manager.


TBH he and Xhaka actually tried today imo. They were shit but they did try. Which doesn’t mean much I guess lol.


He can go as many fashion show as he wants, he can go to Oxford Union anytime…
Then please, have Gucci to pay his salary.