Héctor Bellerin (2)



Don’t get me wrong I’d love to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want, but that’s what I was wondering do these people work ? They seem to go everywhere at any time, things that just aren’t possible when you work full time.


I want to have that kind of life too…


Good that he doesn’t sound like a typical stupid player, but now he needs to improve his performances :smile:


What an insufferable cockbadger.

30 year old+ men with absolutely no decorum whatsoever. Shambles.

A spurs fan at work takes every opinion from aftv literally in the context it’s spouted and it paints a deluded point of view from outside in.


TY is the strangest guy in it, I like how he isn’t reactionary but he’s dressed in Arsenal gear head to toe lol


Ty is mentally handicapped.


^^^^ seems like it, DT is just as strange and we all know of the mental health issues that clyde guy has. So basically the business model is to put on the mentally ill Arsenal fanatics to emulate Jerry Springer or some dumpster fire of a show, that will get lots of clicks.


A couple of them a rather knowledgeable, one of them I can’t remember his name is very astute with the tactical side of the game.


I seem to recall from somewhere that this Moh guy is a bit of a pretend ITK, or got called out on some bullshit previously though can’t remember what exactly.

Suppose that doesn’t detract from him coming out with sensible and thoughtful comments in this case but if he’s the bastion of common sense on AFTV then hardly a glowing endorsement.


There is a recording doing the rounds that is supposedly Bellerin - where he bad mouths Wenger and Arsenal. It could be his voice I guess… I can’t tell, but most Arsenal fans on Twitter are convinced it’s fake


It’s fake. The guy who made it admitted it was his brother or something. or the guys brother said it was him.

Whoever got rustled by his comments and made this needs the bin

If it was real, they;d have sold the story to newspapers instead of tweeting it to cretins like DT


Very quickly become the most overrated player in the squad and the weakest link. Made excuses for him in the past on lack of cover. Being skinned alive every time against part timers though. Nah hes shite and City will single him out in their team talk.


Time to start a fashion brand. Football is not for him.


I’d rather listen to AFTV but not his opinion.


Meh. Cba criticising the players any more. Footballers these days seem to do fuck all without good coaching and a respectable manager. All the other clubs have had this situation and tirelessly made changes until it worked. Eventually those underperforming players looked great again in a proper system. We’re too arrogant to change our management around here.


Genuinely think he’d be the most improved player of all under a manager who can coach defenses.


He was actually appauling today. Possibly the worst he’s ever been.


He has talent but he’s been led astray which is the standard program for all our young defenders.

Is there any worse punishment than being a young defender at Arsenal?

Holding looks shaky as fuck now too (I genuinely feared for him when he signed) and Chambers had the same exposure before him.


Yes, being a young defender at Arsenal and having bids rejected from Barcelona :arteta: