Héctor Bellerin (2)



Oh do shut up you fat fuck


That is a fair, polite and appropriate response by Robbie.

I always say, the fans are the true boss. Without fans, then no club, no owner, no management, no coach, no players, no nothing.
When the fans speak, when the fans voice out, when the fans have opinion, just LISTEN. Good or bad.


I’m not fan of huge fan of what AFTV is these days but I’ve nothing against this Robbie guy for doing it and I don’t know why so many people’ first response is “OMG HE’S MAKING MONEY!”. What people don’t get is there will have been a very long time when he was making fuck all money out of it.

I think he’s always been pretty straight forward about giving fans their voice and in my limited experience it looks like he interviews plenty of boring people who give boring interviews (some of which are positive but it’s difficult when half the fans hate Wenger) and it’s not his fault that the fans want to watch the videos featuring the miserable people.

But this thing is also making attention seekers like DT and Troopz famous and it’s their bitching that’s making it popular and also giving it a bad name. They’ve all got their own youtube channels with lots of subscribers now so I think Hector isn’t wrong to infer they are dicks.


Jesus, Bellerin has really ruffled some feathers with his AFTV comments. Some people have completely misinterpreted what he was saying.

He wasn’t having a go at people for having an opinion or slagging off the fans. He wasn’t even bemoaning AFTV really, just the a selection of the people on there who seem to revel in our crapness as it gets them more attention and views.

Some of the comments on Twitter aimed at Bellerin are hilarious. Especially from the AFTV crew. He’ll have a right giggle if he reads any of his mentions.

“You’ve got a shit personality”

“You’re the worst right back I’ve ever seen”

“I’m done with you Hector! Me and you are done!” Boo hoo, i’m sure he is devastated!


This is not really a big deal, but it is a good lesson for him to learn the art of speech.
We all need to learn this also.


Right until they meet him outside the stadium and beg him for a selfie like they did with Alexis before he left, the fucking hypocritical cunts.

The AFTV lot are a fucking embarrassment to all Arsenal fans and I fully support Bellerin in slagging them off.


Robbie exploiting mentally ill people isn’t flattering. In fact it’s downright pathetic. Major embarrassment for our club.


It’s the fact that a disproportionate amount of time is given to complete idiots like Ty and Troopz, that’s the problem with Arsenal Fan Tv.

Hector’s perception of it is probably coloured by these attention seeking twats rather than other contributors so I think it’s entirely fair enough to largely dismiss Arsenal Fan Tv. I mostly refuse to watch what has become a promotional vehicle for the people that shout the loudest.

If lyrical Robbie wants people to have a better opinion of his channel (he doesn’t care either way of course) then find more people who make rational points and ditch the self-publicists


Who knew that Moh had such a level of self awareness.


I want to believe Robbie but his show is based on a select few guys he interviews every week. He can’t claim it’s not business-focused over “giving the fans a voice”. It may have started out like that but once he found his go-to guys who bring him his views, lols and money he’s tailored effectively the whole production to them. It’s now exclusively an entertainment platform and he knows it.


Moh is eloquent and talks about different aspects of the team, management and club. Sometimes positive, sometimes not. I feel bad for him because he gets no more attention and usually less than dickheads like Troopz, who say the same crap every week. Surely they must bore themselves.


The thing about egomaniacal narcissists is that they never get tired of hearing their own voice because they fucking love it so much and feed off of their own energy. The more they hear themselves talk, the more it keeps them talking and the more righteous they feel because there are listeners and views tuning in.

They are so lacking in self-awareness they don’t realise and don’t care how many people view them as utterly comical and ridiculous.

They’re big fish in a small pond and I’m pretty sure a few of them have serious mental health issues. Ty seems like he’s on the spectrum and Claude is bipolar and suicidal.

The vast majority of viewers are people who get off on the spectacle of people making fools of themselves and rival fans who enjoy Arsenal fans making themselves look like twats.


I quite like Troopz because he’s funny and knows he’s a comical character so just plays that. He’s the o ly one whose videos I like.

Rather than pretending he is some oracle of football that we must listen to, like DT who in all actuality is just a really weird individual.

This new leegunner prick though is the biggest tragic cunt I have seen in my life though.

Hope hector lays into the lot of them.


I think the AFTV regulars are good examples of the negative effects when you become too invested in the football .

When I was younger I use to think going up and down the county and abroad watching your team play was really cool but when you really think about it, it’s quite pathetic. Home and away every game every season? who the hell has time to trek to Sweden on a Thursday night, don’t these people have commitments!? It’s pathetic that they wear the expense of travel as some sort of badge. I think it’s stupid

The exposure and monetary gain from AFTV has just made them fame whores and validates negative behavioural traits.

Hector shouldn’t have acknowledged AFTV existence


Ha yeah he is the one who said that Bellerin is the worst RB and that he is done with him, lol. Here’s the video. It’s gold.


Two girls one cup is more watchable than that video.


Bellerin didn’t even say anything contraversial at all.

‘‘If a coach tells me Ive done something wrong, I will take that advice. If someone from AFTV says I have done something wrong, I will not listen.’’

An extract of what Hector said, but ultimately the bottom line. Who gives a shit what a bunch of moany fans with a camera say. These are the same bunch of people that wanted Ozil sold not long ago but now he’s a Bergkamp second coming. Hard not to laugh at their moronic views. Only couple good ones on there like Moh who are actually self aware. The rest are just pantomime.


Jesus his comments have really shown the absolute state of some of our fans :rofl:


Sports fans must be one of most entitled bunch ever.