Héctor Bellerin (2)


Taking shit selfie. I dress better though :kos2:


Its a club photo he cant be taking it he has both hands in his lap haha


Unless he has a third arm that is hidden from view, it’s not a selfie :grin:


Sorry guys, bat attempt at meltdown :xhaka:. I do apologize.


3rd arm eh Phoebica


She is so horny these days :xhaka:


Oh for God’s sake, I wasn’t even being rude there



We are all joking :hipster:


His full Oxford Union interview


He speaks cockney lol! London boy! :kos2:


Good on him for challenging negative stereotypes surrounding footballers and actually doing that. Wouldn’t say he’s as eloquent as David James or Juan Mata but he spoke well about some interesting themes outside football


I’m getting tired of his fucking face. Needs to be dropped.


A couple of my fave things to come out of that interview.

On Arsenal Fan TV:

And this bit:



Haha, I like that last tweet. :slight_smile:

I think I care less about what Hector thinks about aftv than I care about what the regular contributors of aftv think though. And I care about that very, very little.


My view on this is… he only listen to people who said the good stuffs, the kind words, the praise.
A good listener listens to good and bad stuffs, kind or rough words.


AFTV must be conveyer belt of shit talking.
No one can never derive any benefit out of such an overly negative outlet.

It is not good for anyone concerned.


He is right about AFTV: it’s a shithole.


Is it because 70, 80% are trash talk and then the other 20% are automatically crap also?
I think it has to be case by case, person by person.
Some comments on the show are really objective. Of course, most of them are just releasing anger and repetitive.


General human tendency. Hundred praises gets dwarfed by a single criticism.

And you are asking players to surf through 80% trash talk to find 20% relevant ones. Wrong move.

Unless you have Butters to filter out shit for you.


I don’t expect the player (or anybody) to scan through all videos and find the right one to listen.
Bellerin just generalized AFTV and said “IF someone from AFTV… I’m not going to listen”.