Héctor Bellerin (2)


Kos wasn’t a youngster when he arrived here though was he?


He was an unknown to everyone and had a poor start though. If you want Wenger developing young defenders look at Kolo Toure, Ashley Cole (a winger), Lauren (another winger), Thuram.


As I said, I expect more “offensively” from a wing back, and more “defensively” from a fullback.

There was a reason why you push your 2 full backs upward to make them wing back… because they are supposed to get into the offensive zone and join the “attack” more often than a fullback.
I didn’t mean fullback won’t attack. I just meant wingback would attack more naturally. So they need better offensive skill sets.

I used Cafu and Carlos as examples because they demonstrated what a wingback would do… had a lot of touches (also related to the team tactics… if the team is set up to attack in the middle, that’s another story)… had the abilities to “contribute” offensively, executed some give and go, a lot of overlaps and finished off by a nice cross/pass; or even a decent shot on goal. Not just running up and down on the flanks and be “just another player on the field”.

I had no intention to compare Bellerin to them, and did not expect him to reach their levels.

From what I observed… Bellerin wasn’t really playing as a wingback at all. He and Kola are more like wide players that we expect from the 4-2-3-1 to me.

Anyway I agree most of what you said…


What’s the point of him today? Can’t run, can’t pass and can’t cross. Should have sold him this summer when Barca were in for him.


He seems pretty slow.


Hopefully somehow Barca are still interested in this guy, but I very much doubt it.


Young players develop in spite of arsenal not because of arsenal.


Anyone get annoyed by flapping of his hands whenever ball is played to him.
You are clear, expect ball to come to you, why are you always surprised by ball being played at you?


Starting to think we may need to replace him. He’s very poor for an ‘attacking’ full-back. Doesn’t ever do much and devensively uncertain.


Know’s his position is secure whatever he does.

I was one of the few who questioned his £100k deal


Doesn’t need replacing, but there needs to be real competition at both full back positions if we’re gonna see the best from both Bellerin and Kolasinac.


This guy doesn’t have a league goal or assist at nearly the halfway point of the season :rofl:


Debuchy looked pretty good midweek tbh.


Semedo has been pretty damn good for them.

That ship has sailed now and looking at Bellerin’s current development they won’t care.


Besides the speed that he had… he was never a good defender.
Now the speed is gone, what else left in him?

Bad defensive positioning, bad defensive awareness, average technical skills, close to zero offensive skill set…

Even if Wenger/Bould were bad coaches, he should improve significantly by just playing with that many established international players, I have said that.

In what area he did improve in the past several years?
His hairstyle??

Total disappointment.


Even with that he has gone backwards.


Definitely not.



Well, I heard some girls do like his hairstyle…
For guys, who fucking cares??? HAHA~~~~~~


Do they? I hate it. I want this guy back.



This guy badly needs a goal or good assist