Héctor Bellerin (2)


He is full of tattoos and his hairstyle is the worst in the world (maybe only Griezmann beats him to it), plus he can’t do anything anymore.


Good job we don’t judge footballers on their tattoos and hair cuts then?

What exactly did he do wrong Luca? I thought he was alright


A stupid challenge that should have been avoided. The referee saw two players going shoulder to shoulder at full speed and so thought it was penalty.

I don’t recognize him anymore thought, especially he has lost tons of speed.


Feel bad for him there was minimal if any contact, the replay shows that it was a dive all day long


True but he shouldn’t have gone to ground though, you make the ref make a decision.


Exactly. Silly challenge.


He did not go to ground? Don’t know what you saw, but he made an attempt for the ball and the player went down.


What’s wrong with having tattoos and a hairstyle that he obviously likes having lol


Tattoos and hairstyles are for criminals.


So why didn’t the referee award us a penalty when the exact same play happened on the other end and there was even more contact on Welbeck?


Yeah they both were non-pens IMHO… frankly, one could easily argue that the Welbeck one was even more of a pen. The problem is the way the plays happened and the speed/angle… Ref blew it and it definitely cost us… sad thing is, the way we played really didn’t deserve more than one point.

And while I think we were pretty terrible in the second half, I actually agreed with Wenger that our first half performance wasn’t bad - yeah, could have seen more creativity and attacking flair and we didn’t involve Laca near enough, but we did enough to lead against a tough team away.


After the international break, with the mostly 2nd string attacking unit in, away from home, against a good Watford side, we actually didn’t play that bad. Agreed we probably only deserved a point, however the real issue was the ref making a shit decision completely changing the complexity of the match.


Oh dear, straight from the Wenger handbook.


We played shit


I can’t blame him because the fucking Richarlison robbed the penalty.

He played well, has been ever an option on the right running in the spaces opened by Iwobi and defending very well when Koscielny was in danger.


That good Watford side had a very poor home record heading into the fixture.

If we didn’t play that badly then I’m really struggling to know what us playing well would look like.


Written by Mark Clattenburg

Richarlison did not dive to win Watford a penalty against Arsenal and I would be very surprised if the incident was referred to the FA panel today.

If we had a video assistant referee (VAR) then there would be sufficient evidence to support the decision but it would be an on-field decision by the ref. The VAR would tell the referee that he would need to have a look at the footage and he would see the left leg of Bellerín catch Richarlison.


Thats the reality of VAR for me and the utopia people are living in when they think it solves everything.


I don’t think that many people think it solves everything, I think the majority just think it will lead to far fewer incorrect decisions, which can only be a good thing.


Yeah. How often are we as Football fans debating amongst eachother about decisions referees have made even when we’ve had access to replays from multiple different angles.

The reality is a VAR will still cause debates amongst fans and officials will still be torn about decisions.

I only see handballs and offside calls as being solved completely by this.