Héctor Bellerin (2)


I think we can all agree at this point that Wenger ain’t the right chef.


Haha~~~~ true.


Jeremy with a fan.


Christ! His hair :xhaka:


I finally figured it out.
He is going for the Vincent look.


FC Barcelona got a better right back and for €20 million less than they probably needed to pay for Bellerin.


Hector’s first European goal for the arsenal!


Yet they still want Bellerin back. If Bellerin actually improves I can see the same shit they did with Fabregas.


*The Arsenal. Bit of respect please :slight_smile:


I hope he’s lined up a haircut after finally scoring


I just wanted to give a shout out to Hector, his 1st half today was his best in ages.


Made the Europa League team of the week


Surprised there is only one Atalanta player in there.






Corbyn replies to Hector in Spanish.


Been excellent the last few games. Glad to see!


Back on the right and back to his best


Yeah he is probably not near the top of our concerns atm… has his issues and ups and downs, like all young defenders, but good enough and still promising.


He still needs to learn how to defend properly, as he had some shaky moments in the first half.


Just wanted to say that cross out of mid air last night in the 1st half was absolutely quality, nothing came of it but it was a brilliant piece of timing.