Héctor Bellerin (2)


He’s always a threat down the right. Just seems lost and useless on the left. Put him where he belongs. It’s Eboue syndrome all over again from Wenger.


Abuse the tactics not Bellerin. For that Salah goal our defence was all over the place


What the one he was so hurried to recycle the ball and fluffed his touched, and salah took the ball and ran down the pitch for a 1 on 1. … that’s all on him.


Its also on a system that allows a guy about halfway into the opposition half be the last man back with zero cover whatsoever. The mistake is all his but the outcome is partly because of the tactics.


He was part of a three man cell, also he didn’t need to hurry. He took his eye off the ball and was to focused on salah that he hurried and made a mistake; there was enough time to take the ball down and pick a pass or dribble.


The only reason I can think of putting Bellerin on the left is, Wenger tried to do a Phillip Lahm.
However, Lahm was one of a kind. One of the best RB that could also play on the left (he said he hated it though), and an effective DM under Pep.
Bellerin, isn’t even a very good RB.


Yes he is. But he’s better than all of our other RBs. Is he a world beater? No, he’s pretty damn good going forward and a is a serviceable defender, more than adequate with proper cover.


His mistake however it wouldn’t have been scored if we had players supporting Bellerin defensively


There is no way that much thought went into it haha. No master plan, just an idiotic and ill thought out way to try and crowbar a player who wants to leave into the starting lineup.


Agree to disagree.

Bellerin has lightening speed for sure but NOT a very good RB for me.
A lot of times he covered our defense by his speed “alone”, but his defensive positioning is questionable in different occasions.

Is he a good/decent crosser? Nah~~~

He has plenty of room to improve, but as of now, he is still very raw, and relies heavily on just his speed.
Yes, he is the best of what we have though.




He’s been terrible going forward for a long time now and it’s very kind to call him a serviceable defender based on his performance over the last season or two. He’s pretty crap atm but a lot of that has to be at least partly down to Wenger because there was definitely more there.


You have to take into account who has been in from of him when he plays on the right. Do they track back effectively? I bet if you put a RW that has a modicum of work rate in front of him he’ll get back to the good form he showed us.


When you said he was doing damn good going forward… actually what did he contribute when going forward??
He couldn’t cross, he couldn’t shoot…

Gibbs, Monreal, Debuchy are not really good side backs for us either, but they certainly could cross/pass the ball more accurate and efficient than Bellerin, in terms of going forward… IMO


Well, you think everyone sucks… so I take anything you say with a grain of salt.

I remember him being fairly dangerous running in from the right and getting on balls. He wasn’t the most polished RB ever, but he definitely has ability. He’s just been in a shitty situation as far the people in front of him goes… Theo, Ox, Ozil (also out of position). He played his best when Santi was in front of him. Not a coincidence I think. The whole team plays better with Santi on the pitch.


That’s exaggeration… I did not think everyone sucks…

Cech is good, Kos is good when pairing with Per, Monreal was very decent last year or two, Ozil one of the best passer, Santi we missed him a lot, Sanchez our man… even Perez, I believe he could contribute a lot more but nobody knows what hapened…
You won’t see me saying anything “not positive” on those threads. They might have some bad games, but in overall they are good enough (for me) for Arsenal.

I do not think Bellerin is really a good RB at this moment, that’s my opinion, subjectively (by obversation), and objectively (by numbers, especially his final third contribution) since you said he was good when going forward.


There were two others next to him, why are people ignoring that? That was all him, he had no composure end of


Yes, it’s an exaggeration. I’m prone to sarcasm and hyperbole.

You’re right, he’s not a good RB at this moment. Nobody on our team is good at this moment. But I do think Hector’s been given raw deal. He’s a talented RB with the right tools who’s been played out of position and stuck with useless right wingers ahead of him.

He’s also loyal. He came out and unequivocally told Barca to go fuck themselves. That wins points in my book.


I read your posts in a Russian accent.


As long as he wants to stay, sure I would love to see him grow and improve.
He has the ingredients, just need a good chef (Wenger/manager/coach) to turn him into a good dish and final product.