Héctor Bellerin (2)


Blue pill, red pill. Y’all cucks are all fucking losers. Time to take the Pepe Pill. :laca:


And wenger out boys don’t don’t what dick they get as long as it has lots of money for new toys


“Football, created by the poor, stolen by the rich”

I wish we could be wholly fan owned. :santi:


Me too, I guess every other club would also have to be to though

imagine the uproar when “fan” couldn’t fund new contracts and big bucks signings it would soon be “fan out usmanov in”


Had this chap been a young talent at another top club he would have developed into a superstar. As it happens his ceiling will have dropped considerably through his subpar education from his manager and coaching staff at Arsenal.


He has become crap as soon as his hair have grown.


He successful conned a 100k contract out of the club. The guy is a fucking fraud


He’s regressed sure but he looked like the real deal a little while ago, Holding will be getting ripped too time after time.

Arsenal really isn’t a club to bring young defenders through IMO, the lack of requisite defensive teachings and nous coupled with a susceptibility to being torn apart will do nothing for their confidence and development.

Chambers looked incredibly promising upon first signing and then didn’t get a look in, I hope the same doesn’t befall Holding but I won’t be surprised if it does.


I’m pretty sure Coquelin was outrunning him on the third goal. Also he’s just not a very technically gifted player, but who is really on this team anymore besides maybe 2 or 3.


Yeah was pretty shit today, it’s becoming a regular thing with him.


I agree he’s looked poor recently (stretching a while back tbh).

However, I think he should leave to reach his full potential. He’s certainly better than the level he’s at right now and he isn’t in the best environment to push on with his career. Would hate to see him go the same way as Wilshere, which he will do if he stays with us.


I want to change my avi, but it’s such a part of me that I’m scared, lol


Do it. He is shit.


He looks like a player throwing a strop cause he didn’t get his move to Barcelona. I do think the early praise has gone to his head also, is he really that good or as a few have said that we’re stifling him from reaching his potential. I felt bad for him yesterday, he looked so uncomfortable playing left. I think a more ruthless manager would drop him and ease him back in the side as the season goes on.


I think that’s bollocks tbh. He looks like a right back playing left wing back to me. Obviously not able for that sort of shift with, presumably, no coaching whatsoever.


Not sure what the bigger problem is. Coq outworking him or the fact that Coq is on the field in an Arsenal uniform.


@Phoebica I’m surprised you haven’t taken the typically level-headed advice of Gunning here, baffling decision tbh. :confused:


Done :sunglasses:


Obviously a one footed right wing back, and Wenger used him as a left wing back. Genius.


Finally you show his true face. Catalan prick, fuck off to Uefalona!