Héctor Bellerin (2)


Well if Juve want €70m for Sandro then I think it’s fair to assume we can command a similar fee for a Bellerin. In which case, he isn’t going anywhere.


Barcelona need to keep their grubby little paws off him.


Come back in four years when his contract only has two years to run you sly fucking bhenchods


Farcelona will find a way to get him, they always do.


Meh, there can’t be any Arsenal fans who don’t think Bellerin will be a Barcelona player again one day. I’m confident we’ve got a few more years left though - by then he’ll have firmly established himself as the best RB in the world and we can name our price :sunglasses:


I don’t think there is anything bad about Bellerin one day wanting to go to Barcelona. Much like Fabregas, there is an element of ‘returning home’ about it.

Kick in the teeth for sure. But at least he would get game time and really add to his career there. As long as we dont get another Hleb story, my heart couldnt take it.


Ahh, behenchode. Such glorious vulgarity. Two more years of Bellerin flourishing into the superstar he’s destined to become before moving up… hopefully.




I mean it’s perfect really.

His contract is 6 years long, and he’s 20 now, so we’ll lose him to Barcelona just as he enters his peak and we won’t see a penny for him! Works out well for Barca and Bellerin pockets a fat signing on fee, win win!!!


Ideally, he improves everything about him for the next four seasons, gains interest from other big clubs and in-turn generates a massive transfer fee and we take the Culés to the bank!


“The White Men are behenchodes”

RACIST! :wenger2:

(I have never heard that word until just now.)


He didn’t seem to have those same issues when he was one of the main culprits for tapping up Fabregas. Fucking wanker


I see what he means as I’d probably feel the same if it were to happen here. But yeah, he accepted Pique and Fabregas quick enough so rather hypocritical :grin:


I reckon the multiple Champions Leagues and league titles would mitigate my bitterness to a great extent :slight_smile:







Didn’t know Hector subscribed to r/theredpill


It’s good to have taken the red pill; I myself has done it and it feels good :kos2:


You’re a pure AKB, you couldn’t be further from red pill