Héctor Bellerin (2)



Anyone else think Bellerin looks a bit slower? (And has done for a little while now)


Lol they all look like pissy little brats taking it off the minute it was put on. Fair play to Bellerin for showing a little respect.


Yeah he doesn’t seem as lightening quick since the ankle injury.

I remember him being a blur when he got up and running, could be wrong but I can recall him exploding past someone for a while.


To be honest I thought they just looked fairly normal and not bothered about it and he looked like he was trying pulling off the classic “staring into the middle distance” cool guy pose lol


That’s funny, I genuinely feel apart from the shampoo advert hair flick he’s the only one not playing to the camera and acting petulant to express passion.


Not sure that he was truly healed from the ankle injury. We’ll see if his top end speed returns this season.


How utterly petulant. Lose gracefully, take what you can from the experience and build yourself up from it.

Good on you Hector.


God that’s pathetic. I really dislike the Spanish as a footballing nation, as good as the players they produce are.


I agree, in the same way Mourinho throwing away all his non-winners medals in cup finals is not a sign of a ‘winners mentality’, it’s disrespectful

Put it in a drawer or auction it for charity, don’t toss it into the crowd (after checking to make sure the cameras are pointing at you)


I’ve never quite understood why they insist of presenting the losers medals in that way. Just put them in a box and hand them over. They are largely unwanted anyway.


It’s ceremony at the end of the day, if you’re going to celebrate the honour of winning you should have the integrity to show some dignity during the ceremonial proceedings for coming second.

Why not take it even further and just throw their medals directly in the bin and save two steps instead one? Not every national team is as cuntish as Spain and for some young players I’m sure receiving the medal would be a bittersweet but ultimately meaningful moment in their short career.

I’ll honestly never understand how Spain can be so fantastically talented yet utterly devoid of the most basic degree of sportsmanship.


I didn’t say there shouldn’t be a ceremony. I’ve just no idea why they insist on putting the medals around their neck like that.


Because it’s still an honour to some players, obviously more often than not the team coming second in the final is going to be quite used to success but just because they take the huff and act like spoilt brats is no reason to deny smaller teams and nations that honour.

Not everyone is Spain or Mourinho, and thank fuck for that.


I don’t think they shouldn’t do it because the Spanish under 21s are pissy fucks, I just don’t think it’s the appropriate way to present a losers medal. Which is what it is. The Olympics, fair enough finishing second there means something, in football it doesn’t.

Anyway I’m never getting such an ‘honour’ so no point spending any more time on this. :slight_smile:




The ball is completely in our court, no way should we sell him. Besides from previous stuff to the media it seems as if he is happy here.




A journalist from the newspaper Sport says that bellerin is closer than ever to signing for Barça and that he will be the first signing under Valverde. Not sure how reliable he is, probably got a few contacts within the club.

He’d surely have to push for a move if we are to sell him, which I just can’t see atm.


Considering his extremely long-term contract with us we’re talking about a massive fee, surely?!