Héctor Bellerin (2)


Fuck off, you catalan cunt!






Evening all,

I am new to this forum and have just started writing an Arsenal blog as well for no other reason than to express my thoughts on Arsenal matters from one day to the next.

Please have a read of today’s post regarding our Right Backs and their current situation.

Please use the comments to let me know your thoughts.


Nice dog. :slight_smile:


@Leper you have competition


Gorgeous dog.


He likes a run around :joy:


I bet he thinks he’s hiding there. :smile:


Scenes from Kroenke


Sounds like BS to me


Only for hector to respond

'fuck off wiggy where were you all this season, you are not seen or heard but now you show up and tell me what to do :bellerin:


Stan Kronke knowing the name of the guy who plays right back for Arsenal?

Definitely bullshit.


Stan Kroenke knowing who Barcelona are? Not buying it.


“TELLS???” BS!, he’s silent Stan ffs!


Stan Kroenke knowing what a report is? Definitely bull shit.


Dont even think Silent Stan has vocal chords


No doubt Stan has more knowledge than people give him credit for, but equally no doubt his interest sits with developing an angle to raise ticket prices and commercial success first and foremost.

My only hope is he defines on pitch success as we fans do. Which, is unlikely.


Kroenke probably doesn’t know who Bellerin is.


He probably wouldn’t recognise him if he was standing in front of him, but I bet he knows how much he is getting paid and who his agent is.