Héctor Bellerin (2)


Is anybody genuinely GENUINELY surprised? Said i wasnt gonna get into this but yeah. Wenger must know deep down that if and when the youngsters from Barca come good, they’ll want them back. Part and parcel of the industry.

Dont actually blame Bellerin. You dont just turn down Barca when they come calling. Even our beloved captain at the time couldn’t, and he gave it all for us. Bellerins a joker in comparison, still way in his infancy. IMO not ready for Barca just yet.

Let him go and make some bucks. Re-invest and crack on.


Good news. As even though I wouldn’t be fussed if we sell him it’s not wise to sell​ all 3 of your RB’s :joy:


So is he off then? All I’ve seen is the usual paper talk about Barca planning to swoop for so and so reported fee. This thread seems convinced he wants out though so what have I missed?


C’mon Hector! Look at Cesc. Not really loved by Barca fans in the end.



That settles that matter then


The commotion was based upon Hectors comments about not knowing what his future held, as well as saying his family has moved back to Spain and he misses them. Which sounds like a complete 180 to what he was saying in December of last year.


He’s obviously referring to this :smirk:


So is he still overrated or nah? lol


Can I wait until close of the window before letting you know?


Never in doubt.



I was always dubious about Barce spending a big fee and then matching his 100k a week. The amount they pay Messi, Suarez, Neymar really restricts their spend elsewhere


They’ll never let him back in Spain now with that brilliant accent. We’ll have him saying “Las Gibraltars Son Inglés” (:stuck_out_tongue: ) in Mockney English in no time at all. :sanchez2:


Yeah, let’s go full nationalist. Fuck those sangria pricks :sanchez2:


Untouchable… Yes, Kike! :slight_smile:


Most definitely.



Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez reveals Hector Bellerin is torn over a move to the La Liga club and cannot make a decision on whether he wants to leave Arsenal.

Speaking on Catalunya Radio, he said: “I have spoken with him, and on the one hand he’s keen to come and on the other he feels tied to Arsenal - I hope he can come.”


Now if only we could trap Alexis and Ozil…


I fucking hope Real Madrid keep winning